[Fancam/Fanacc] 161004 SCS Corporal Yunho at the 2016 Ground Forces/Gyeryong Military Culture Festival (Day 3)

Special Class Soldier Corporal Jung Yunho’s 3rd day at the 2016 Ground Forces Festival/Gyeryong Military Culture Festival!


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Songs Yunho performed were Mirotic and Dream~

At the Emergency Landing Strip Venue from 1.30pm~, Yunho, Lee Seung-gi and Super Junior members performed with Hanbit Performing Arts Company (made up of 50 visually, hearing, and handicapped individuals) in a joint concert, in order to convey a message of hope through a touching stage. Yunho performed Dream with them. [cr: Army Festival Website, Translated by @snxy]






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[Fancam/Fanacc] 161002 SCS Corporal Yunho at the 2016 Ground Forces/Gyeryong Military Culture Festival (Day 1)

Our Special Class Soldier Corporal Jung Yunho performed at the 2016 Ground Forces Festival/Gyeryong Military Culture Festival 1st Day!

Due to the bad weather, at first Yunho’s scheduled morning performance was cancelled, and the afternoon performance has been moved indoors to the auditorium in the army HQ (shuttle busses were planned [cr: @Uknowtic, Translated by @snxy]). but then it was announced officially there that Yunho will perform for the opening ceremony at the main event venue at the Emergency Landing Strip  at 11am. In addition, the afternoon performance was held there as well. The numbers of fans that turned up today was over 3000!!

cr: @tvxqhimawari26


Yunho’s parents came today to see him, in addition to TVXQ manager and dancers whom he performed with! Yunho sang TVXQ’s Hug (Rock ver.) and Midoyo (I Believe) for the opening ceremony for which he was the closing act. In the afternoon performance, he was also the last performer with TVXQ’s Why? Keep Your Head Down and Mirotic with TVXQ dancers~

Yunho also performed Why, Mirotic and Dream at the indoor auditorium. The VCR playing on the screen behind him was a collection of their WITH Tour, Catch Me Tour performances and MVs.







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Yunho in the auditorium


Translation of poster comment:

#first row 👋

U-Know Yunho’s charm is the best.. truly his live and his dancing and his voiceㅠㅠ ah really I knew why everyone else likes u-knoe yunho… Though it was tough, he smiled through it and he was cool 👍
#gff  #u-know yunho #good-looking #impression


[cr: css853, Translated by @snxy]



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Translations and Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • If you are coming – get numbers and queue. Diff queue for ppl without numbers. Currently 500+ ppl in line. for bus purposes
  • A soldier with 2 stars just asked us what time we were here from (early morn) and who we were here for (Yunho) & he was like what if he doesn’t appear and we all said NO CANNOT. And he laughed and said as expected, for u-know yunho. ^_^
  • HIM mag giving out free Camp Reading Yunho posters and brochures at the yellow booth
  • Yunho will perform at the main event venue at the Emergency Landing Strip now at 11am and later in the afternoon also. Announced officially.
  • yunho is here
  • Yunho spotted at the waiting area at the side
  • They just caused a mini stampede by letting fans run to the front of the stage
  • Yunho today! He sang Midoyo!! Speaking in Chinese and Japanese and Korean and English
  • 161002 yunho singing hug

  • Seriously ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ this is such bad organisation
  • 161002 yunho singing midoyo

  • So dangerous. There shld be better crowd control. Mixing citizens with fans and rushing for the bus.
  • We are hearing the concert at the auditorium got cancelled and will go on here at the main stage at the Emergency Landing Strip
  • seems the celebrity performers are performing once at the auditorium and then coming back here to perform ……….
  • Yunho’s parents at the side
  • Yunho’s w his parents at the side!

  • Manager and tvxq dancers are here too
  • Yunho’s parents enjoying Red velvet’s stage
  • Not clear but yunho’s watching the red velvet stage from the side as well
  • Seunggi now and Yunho clapped for him as he went on stage. Yunho’s the closing act again
  • Kyungjae is here too and Yunho was laughing around with him ;;
  • Yunho and Seunggi hugged
  • Yunho sang why and mirotic. So amazing. It was like all the fatigue disappeared. So fking amazing

  • There’s like a whole crowd of army boys lining up to take pix with Yunho now hahahah
  • This small girl just said the oppa (shouldnt it be ahjussi? Hahaahah) just now (Yunho) was the coolest

  • Yunho just caused a mini stampede cos he snuck out the side entrance after taking all his selfies w fanboys so fans ran ard but he left haha
  • Yunho’s like.. rly doing well in the army and it shows. regular rest and meal schedule = better looking each time we see him ㅜㅜㅜ
  • From 7pm (Geumam) for the finals of Yunho’s dance cover event, he’ll be there e whole way for 2hrs. Perf & judging [cr: @m_dancing2016]
  • 161002 even just walking off, yunho’s so swag ;;;




Fanaccount by @mystaryunho:

  • omg i cannot believe all these ppl…95% yunho fans it seems
  • my number-_- is close to 900!!!! and a lot of fans here didnt even get the numbers!
  • now that foreign yunho fans know what gff is….SO SO SO many of them decided to come
  • thank god its not raining…hopefully yunho will get to perform in the morning!
  • yunho will not be performing in the opening ceremony and we have to take the bus to the auditorium later!
  • rehearsal began and the emcee just said yunho will be performing so this is reallycofusing there are more than thousand yunho fans outside??
  • yunho will be performing come inside!!!! come inside!!!!!!!!
  • come to the open stage where the opening ceremony will be held!!!
  • the emcee said yunho will perform in the opening ceremony beginning at 11 at the open stage and there arent many seats now!!! come in now!
  • this is a disaster a thousand yunho fans outside who’ve come from so far to see him for the few minutes and theyre not inside!! come in!!!
  • it seems the entrance is blocked now but when they open plz come in!
  • yunho will perform here at the open stage in the afternoon too and not at the auditorium-such mixed up information!
  • can anyone tell me what’s happening outside the venue? when i came in most of the yunho fans were waiting out
  • what a mess! only have the headquarters to blame honestly…who and what did they think all these people were waiting for???
  • we wont be needing any shuttle bus numbers because the afternokn events will be held here too! my god this is so frustrating!!!
  • dont feel good at all knowing that most of the yunho fans are outside for no good reason
  • great and now it’s raining! nothing’s helping!
  • ceremony started and the emcee said for the fourth tim corporal jeong yunho will perform
  • fifth time yunho is mentioned to perform
  • omg the irony…yunho’s performing for fans who cant see him in the afternoon but they cant see that!!!
  • i see yunho backstage in his black shirt
  • so yunho wasnt to perform but since there r too many yunho fans here that they cant all be on the bus only yunho’son for the openingceremony. but since yunho fans couldnt come in the venue hq is trying to find standing space for them for when yunho’s performing finale?
  • many ppl taking pics of yunho backstage
  • yunho is talking to shindong backstage
  • yunho took a selfie with anothrr guy n intently watching dance perf
  • yunho fans entering center stage!!!
  • omg how to explain this never beforeseen phenomenon
  • lee seungki explaining that so many fans are here for corporal yunhk that they’ve made a special exception to bring yunho fans to the stage
  • people pouring in
  • unbelievable…all the high admirals and citizens waiting for yunho and yunho fans to all pour in
  • more than 3000 fans
  • just freakin unbelievable…just…wow
  • hug ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • yunho changed gff history ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • chaos everywhere
  • and more…all for yunho…with high class army personnel all gathered at the back to witness every minute of it
  • total and utter chaos at the bus stop
  • event hq so not prepared
  • back to the open stage
  • nobody could get online here for the past hour cuz the connection was too bad -_-
  • on the whole last year’s gff was much much better organized n tight than this year’s, even with the weather factored in
  • “corporal jeong yunho’s special performance”: special like nothing like it ever happened before kind of special
  • yunho watching red velvet with the ultimate senpai face surrounded by heart eyed soldiers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ omg yunhoya ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • yunho’s the finale again
  • emcee said yunho’s so popular among the soldiers in gyeryong as he has such a great personality that they named him ‘holic jeong’. recall the hashtag in the promo video that another soldier made! its now official that all the boys are addicted to him!!
  • didnt anyone take a pic of yunho watching red velvet on stage like the stern but caring senpai he is ㅋㅋㅋso serious with his hand on cheek
  • this is it!! stern caring senpai with his hand on his cheek ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • that special stage arranged just for the flood of yunho fans…despite all their faults and errors, gff was very accommodating n flexible n that just wouldnt have been the case if they didnt truly respect, admire,n treasure their ‘holic jeong’-so easy not to have done anything




Fanaccount by @vunniea :

  • Already 561 ;;;; omg experience. I should go earlier than this tomorrow
  • Catch me is playing and fans screamed just now 😂😂 so many Yunho fans 😍 and also I saw one male fan

  • KYHD opening – Soldier Yunho ver. — just played and I could hear ppl said “Yunho.. Yunho..”

  • Yunho will perform.. please if you’re still at outside, tell the others that Yunho will perform now and in the afternoon in the same place!
  • There are many fans are still outside.. ㅠㅠ
  • B4 YH perf, when MC’s talking.. the crowd alrdy screamed Yunho! KYAAK~ And a ahjumma said : ‘mworago?’ (Bc she couldn’t hear clearly) and her friend said ‘ah it’s DBSK u’know yunho (smiling like she understood why the crowd went bizzare)






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[Fanacc] 160423 At the Army Booth where Yunho’s Poster and Postcards were Distributed at the World Book Day Event


A Fanaccount of a fan who visited the the army reading booth where Yunho’s poster, postcards (for army CampReading campaign) and issues of his featuring for HIM magazine were distributed at the World Book Day Event~





Ehehe slacked off successfully~~ [心][心]All the young men at the site are doing their best to promote my brother [笑cry][笑cry] People patted the poster Continue reading

[PIC/Trans] 160422 Yunho’s Poster and Postcards for Army CampReading Campaign at the World Book Day Event

In the army reading booth at the world book day event, Yunho’s poster and postcards for for army CampReading campaign were distributed~

Event is from 4/22 until 4/23 [cr: @yourmyvitamin2]




Yunho’s poster displayed at the army reading booth at the event [cr: newsis via @snxy]


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