[Yunho IG] 180424 #manager took this of me 2 #as i also came out well in this ^^ ㅋㅋ



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[Compilation] 170420 Fans, the Media and SM’s Security Staff at Yangju for U-Know Yunho!

At least over 500 fans and the media are currently waiting for our king to show up! SM’s security staff, including TVXQ bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan (Papa Bear/Mama CQ), are there as well! TVXQ’s ex-manager Kyungjae was spotted, too! Also, a Japanese fan said an avex camera was there.
The media there were seen taking photos of fans’ banners! SBS, MBC and some Japanese media cameras were spotted~

Yunho will be greeting them on 9:30 KST at a large carpark near a restaurant where the camp is.



Currently about 400 + fans are queuing

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[Fanacc/PIC] 161230 Yunho and Changmin were Spotted Together at SUM Cafe on a Leave~

Visiting SUM Cafe again, Yunho and Changmin were spotted this time together having a meal at the vip room there this afternoon. Fan only managed to snap a photo of Yunho as he was paying! Seems like both are on a break~ ^^

Photo taken below is Yunho’s only.

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