[News-Kpop Herald] 151109 Preview of TVXQ’s Max Changmin’s Pictorial with “GRAZIA” at LA~


Fashion magazine Grazia revealed photos of TVXQ member Changmin ahead of his enlistment. In the natural-looking photos, the singer sports a casual jumper and jeans posing against a vintage street background.

Changmin is set to begin his military service on Nov. 19 as a conscripted policeman. Earlier in July, the other member of the duo, Yunho, began his military service.


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[Instagram] 151020 Magazine GRAZIA Korea on Working with Changmin at LA~





Over the 6 days 4 nights schedule, Changmin took care of graziakorea’s staff and always had a smile on his face (he likes coffee, and he enjoyed eating western food more than korean food ^^) the more detailed story and pictorial shoot will be disclosed in the 12-1 issue of Grazia (issued on 20 Nov)



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[PIC/Trans] 151020 Max Changmin Captured in LA… Display of his Distinguished Appearance + Warm Fashion


Max Changmin Captures in LA… Display of his Distinguished Appearance + Warm Fashion


The pictures of Max Changmin captured in America, La, were disclosed.

On 20th Oct, the pictures revealed of Max Changmin were taken in cafes and streets in LA. Max Changmin’s long legs and small face, and well-defined features were displayed.

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