[PIC] 171030 GRAZIA on Changmin at Hermès New Perfume Twilly d’hermes Launching Event (170830)

KR Magazine GRAZIA posted a photo of Changmin attending the Hermès New Perfume Twilly d’hermes Launching Event at MAISON HERMĒS DOSAN PARK (back in 170830)


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[Instagram] 170519 Editor-in-Chief of “ARENA Homme+” on Yunho’s Cover Feature for June Issue~



네 맞습니다^^ 창간 7주년호 아레나 표지를 장식했던 유노윤호가 군대를 다녀오자마자 첫 복귀작으로 아레나 6월호 표지를 선택했습니다 그야말로 구릿빛 피부가 돋보이는 유노윤호의 다양한 화보를 만나보시죠~ 이외에도 곧 다가올 여름 휴가를 어떻게 보내야할지 다양한 각도에서 서술한 기사들을 전면 배치했구요. 얼마전 오픈한 현대카드 쿠킹라이브러리 분석 기사도 담았습니다:) 지금 가장 뜨겁게 서울 곳곳의 공간들을 구축하고 있는 젊은 공간 디자이너들도 소개했습니다! 자 다들 아레나와 함께 뜨거운 여름 속으로 뛰어드시죠! #유노윤호 #정윤호 #uknowyunho #동방신기 #tvxq #아레나옴므플러스 #arenahommeplus #와여름이다

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[PIC] 160322 TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Stage Costumes being Exhibited at the Seoul Fashion Week


TVXQ’s and other artists stage costumes were being Exhibited at the Seoul Fashion Week. Here are TVXQ’s from T1ST0RY Tour:

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[PIC/Trans] 151119 Different Celebrities, Staff and More Post their Goodbyes to Changmin~


Magazine Grazia Staff :





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[Trans] 151119 Changmin Enlists “A Promise for a Better TVXQ in 2 Years”


Changmin’s schedule prior to his enlistment of course would be about spending his time with the SM family, his own family and acquaintances. On the 18th, he had a meal with his acquaintances, shaved his head as required, as well as spending his final night Continue reading