[PIC/Non-Fanacc] 180520 Changmin Spotted at Seoul Forest Buying Wine~



Excerpt from a post yesterday {p/n: 180519} online:

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[Non-Fanacc] 180311 On Spotting Yunho on the Weekend Having a Meal at Butterfinger Pancakes, Bundang Branch


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[PIC] 170918 Changmin Hanging out with Eunhyuk, Spotted at Cafe Onion Wearing a One Piece Cap~

Today it seems that our Changmin was hanging out with Eunhyuk. They have visited the restaurant 뚝도시장 서울맛집, where they seem to have taken a photo with its owner(?), and they have also been spotted at Cafe Onion which Changmin has been spotted visiting this cafe before during enlistment!


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[Compilation] 170910 TVXQ! Attending and Singing at Dancer Mihawk Wedding~

TVXQ’s first semi-public stage since discharge!

TVXQ sang Wedding Dress at Back Mihawk’s wedding as his wife is Japanese. Mihawk dances for TVXQ and also went with Changmin to his Europe tour~
Congratulations to the couple!! Some other TVXQ dancers and SM artists were present, as well~



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