[PIC] 180929 Bigeast Staff Report: 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018 ~TOMORROW~」Three Days at Saitama Super Arena Concluded Successfully!

First tour stop, three days at Saitama has completed successfully!! The concert hashtag has been decided too #明日コン (AsuCon) {p/n: abbreviation for Tomorrow concert}, despite Changmin having thoughts about using #エロコン XD! The post also included a message from Tohoshinki which also asked us to use the hashtag too ^^*

It also talked about the boys celebrating Toho dancer YWKI-san’s birthday with a surprise cake during concert rehearsals at the venue~



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[Trans] 180924 Tohoshinki Dancer YWKI-san Shared his Thoughts About Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin in a Recent Interview

A series of interviews with five Tohoshinki dancers are being published (DAISUKE, k-sk, YWKI, SONNY, and 50). Amongst the different questions they are asked about their career, they were asked about their time with Tohoshinki and their thoughts about the members.

The third interview, published on 180924, featured YWKI-san, and below is a translation of his words about Tohoshinki which fans found touching ^^










– At your point of view, YWKI-san, what kind of person they (the two of them) are?

Yunho has amazing energy! (laugh) He is the type to speak out how he feels what he thinks through performance. He has been a leader of Tohoshinki for more than 10 years and has been keeping Tohoshinki alive, and he continues to do something cool/exciting.. I can tell what he is thinking through the process of rehearsing. He stays hungry but actually he is very sensitive and really cute (laugh).

Changmin is really gentle and sincere person. Changmin is always focused on a couple of steps ahead of us. He looks quiet but once he is on stage, he looks really focused and quickly changes /turned into (a star) and emanates an aura of (a star) (laugh). I love him. He is also adorable when he is acting cute out of the blue.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think Changmin is the leader behind the scenes. Changmin watches how Yunho is doing all the time. Naturally, it is not possible to perform 100% every time. When Yunho is doing well, Changmin supports him behind, When Yunho is not doing so well, Changmin takes the lead.

Also, they care not only about themselves but also other people around them all the time. Their look/appearance, style, skills in singing and performance are all superb but something more like that I just talked about permeates out and they perform with all their hearts, everyone can tell how great performers they are.

and we dancers, band members, and staffs we all do our best in our jobs to support them. I think it is truly a great environment.


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