[Trans] 140817 TVXQ ment segment at Pudong Automotive Exhibition

[trans] TVXQ ment segment at Pudong Automotive Exhibition 140817

Changmin: In any case, especially Yunho hyung.. actually in terms of his physical stamina, he is filming his drama together (with the other schedules) and now having come to Shanghai, actually it’s possible that he is tired too. However, actually just now at the hotel, he was resting for a while but he was still looking very tired, but in front of the fans here, because we have come up onto the stage, it’s really as if the world has changed and that he is a person who has not been sick during that time, he’s really too heathily (performing)..

Yunho: Also, individually now.. Changmin is also writing lyrics.. he has done a lot of that, hasn’t he? (Changmin: Ah~ yes)

Changmin: Now.. when I was talking about your drama, you were thinking (about what to say) right? (Yunho bursts into cute laughter! ❤ ❤ ❤)

Yunho (in Chinese): Good!

Changmin: In any case, both of us are really going about our lives busily, although we also said this just now, every time we stand in front of everybody, no matter how tired we had been, we will again.. heathily.. it seems like we will become such that we are able to smile again.

Yunho: Actually now, we have only one song left. However, I don’t want to perform the song immediately. I don’t want to start (performing) immediately. Everybody feels the same way as me too right? Everybody, how is it? Shall we talk for a little bit longer? (fans: yes!) Good! To everybody..

-fans chanting “Something”-

Yunho: Oh right, some time back during SM Town, Changmin also.. on the stage there together with his friend from SHINee, friend from Exo too, was it called “Something”? Not TVXQ’s “Something”, it seems like they showed everything a different “Something”. At that time, Changmin.. first time as a woman, it really went well with him!

Changmin: Actually, we.. although TVXQ is also like that, EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, all of us.. actually.. are cheered on by a lot of people in China too, and there are also many fans in Asia too, isn’t it? And actually, even if this may perhaps sound presumptuous / overboard, it seemed like the few of us had thrown / created a huge societal issue on the Asian level. I think of it as that.

Yunho: really.. because Changmin will also be showing everybody surprising sides of him in the future too… (Changmin: why is it only me who has to do it?! Yunho bursts into laughter ❤ ❤ ❤) Everybody wants to see more of that right? Come see it at TVXQ’s concert, although at this point in time, I don’t know when that will be, but we will definitely have it. Everybody will come right?

Changmin: It can’t be that you are saying that there will be another “Something” right?

Yunho: Ah~ perhaps? There is a possibility that there will be another “Something” appearing perhaps?

Changmin: but.. ha.. everybody.. a few of you keep going “Something! Something!”, shall I perform a little bit to show to everybody? -performs Girls’ Day’s “Something” ❤ ❤ <3-

Yunho: yeah~ it’s really surprising! How was it? He’s cute right? (in Chinese: is he cute?) For me.. (video ends here)


Pudong Automotive Exhibition in Shanghai, Fancam by Cathy Lu
 Kr-Eng Translation by @mug_ping, Original Post: Here

Shared by TVXQ! Express

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