[Trans] TVXQ-related ments on “The Ultimate Group” (Part 1+2) by @snxy

TVXQ-related ments on ‘Strongest Group’ 最强天团 (Part 1)

– On TVXQ’s nicknames- 3.50 onwards.
Peng Yu (MC): How did the name of TVXQ come about?
Yunho: Teacher Lee Soo Man’s name for us was 东方不败 (Invincible East). So at that time, (he) wanted to use 东方不败. At that time, there was even a meeting with the director of 东方不败

Female MC: It seems that President Lee Soo Man really liked Chinese movies
Yunho: At that time, (we) even got the permission of the director. Although 东方不败 was not bad,(we) considered the meaning of the ‘Rising Gods of the East’ and chose that instead.

Yunho: Actually, at the time, when we heard the name of TVXQ we felt very embarrassed.
Changmin: At the time, there was almost no one using Han characters in their names.
Yunho: Majority were English names.
MC: HOT etc.
Yunho: At the time, using this name in Han characters, although it was a bit awkward, now when you hear it, it sounds especially ‘strong’
Yunho: And also has become a source of confidence, with the passing of time.
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[Schedule] Tohoshinki’s Rehearsals and Performance for A-nation’14 on 140830


140823 Rehearsals for A-Nation on 140830 start from 9am. The concert is from 4pm-9pm 000

[Tohoshinki] Rehearsals for A-Nation on 30 Aug start from 9am. The concert is from 4pm-9pm RT@ mj81208 는 30일 오전 9시부터 리허설! 공연은 4시~9시




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[Trans+VID] 140821 Red Velvet mentions Changmin on Kiss The Radio


[trans] 140821 Red Velvet mentions Changmin on Kiss The Radio

Ryeowook: Aren’t you guys the youngest group in SM?

Red Velvet: Yes~

RW: you guys mentioned that the seniors who gave the most advice to you guys were TVXQ and Super Junior~ when you guys were preparing for your debut~ is it ok if I give some advice too?

RV: Yes!

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[Trans] 140822 EXO’s Xiumin mentions TVXQ! in an Interview: “They always show a perfect performance”

(only TVXQ!s part):

After watching your SMTOWN seniors perform at their respective concerts, is there anything you feel that you can learn from and adapt for your future concerts?

Xiumin: Their performances are always amazing! They always show a perfect performance, and there is always a lot to learn from watching them perform.  I heard TVXQ! not only shows a perfect performance, but also tries their best during rehearsals as well.  After hearing that, I thought to myself that I should try to be like them and try my best at all times.



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[INFO/Details] 140822 New Japanese Single 「Time Works Wonders」to be released on 5th November 2014 – Update –

New Japanese Single 「Time Works Wonders」to be released on 5th November 2014

The release of a Japanese Single that celebrates the summer 「Sweat / Answer」, the successful run of 「LIVE TOUR 2014~TREE~」, and followed by the scheduled a-nation Stadium fest’s performance. Tohoshinki, who has prepared many performances that display the spirit of summer, has announced the release of a new Japanese single!

This single welcomes the arrival of autumn, a sad melancholy ballad that will resonates with your heart.

<Product Description>

2014.11.05 Release
「Time Works Wonders」

(1) CD + DVD [First Release Edition]

Ref Code: AVCK-79218/B  POS: 498806479218/4
Price: 1,800 yen + Tax

Time Works Wonders
Baby don’t cry
Time Works Wonders -Less Vocal-
Baby don’t cry -Less Vocal-

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[Trans] SHINee’s Taemin Mentions Changmin in Another Interview

[trans] SHINee’s Taemin mentions Changmin in another interview

Q: tracks (in your solo album) which you particularly like?

A: “Ace” and “Pretty Boy”. For “Ace”, TVXQ’s Max Changmin hyung wrote the lyrics for me. Usually the recording for the chorus would be done by singers specialising in chorus singing (ie harmonizing singers) or I would do it, but Changminnie hyung went to the extent of even stepping up to sing for the chorus. I was really touched of course. In one instant, it became a song which I liked.




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