[Trans:Updated] “KOREA BODA” Septemper Issue – Extracts of TVXQ-related content


[trans] Boda magazine – “Wanna Be Star – Idols whom we want to go on a summer vacation with”

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho
Reliability akin to a bodyguard

In saying that the person going together with us on vacation is reliable / sturdy, we do not mean that his muscles are rippling. No matter how awesome his physique is, in front of the local natives who are familiar with that place and who also have many friends, aren’t everybody all weaklings? Because of that, a person who is reliable / sturdy on a vacation is someone who can be termed as not getting excited / flustered easily, and is someone who knows how to respond to whatever unforeseen situations amidst wearing a smile, while also not looking weak. U-Know Yunho, who wears a smile towards his fans without change and who has not created Continue reading

[INFO] 140827 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE on Oricon Daily Ranking for (140826): All DVDs is No.1, Music DVDs is No.1 & Blu-ray is No.2


Oricon Daily Ranking for All DVDs for 140826:

No.1 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE

140827 Oricon Daily Ranking for DVDs for 140826; No.1 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE 000

Oricon Daily Ranking for Music DVDs for 140826:

No.1 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE

140827 Oricon Daily Ranking for Music DVDs for 140826; No.1 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE 000

Oricon Daily Ranking for Blu-ray for 140826:

No.2 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE

140827 Oricon Daily Ranking for Blu-ray for 140826; No.2 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE 000


Oricon: 1, 2 & 3
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[Twitter/Trans] 140827 “VOGUE JAPAN×Tohoshinki Making Video”, Tweets by @magaratta

It was the first time for Changmin-san to have a Champagne shower and he seemed to be enjoying it so much that we had to ask him to control his facial expression (he was just too happy).

I heard that Yunho-san can drink alcohol only a little, but he had one, two, three sips of Champagne.. His hairstylist told him not to drink coz alcohol makes him blushing 🙂

As usual, Yunho-san was singing songs during the photo shoot. When we first met for their Vogue interview in 2010, he sang a lot of songs. He said, “I wanna enjoy while I am working, don’t you agree with me?” Certainly! It is the best to have fun at work.

Changmin-san really loved the texture of the fur. When he took off the jacket, he was wearing a no-sleeve inner shirt that was A-line shaped and very cute. Its too bad that we could not include the whole picture.

For the interview, we had strawberry and assorted danishes on the table. However, Yunho-san chose Melon-pan (pan = bread in JPN). Do you like Melon-pan? I asked him. Yunho-san said, “Yes, I love it. I had it yesterday.”

We wanted to capture scenes when they were writing their autographs. However, the shooting clue was a bit late. Yunho-san and Changmin-san immediately understood the situation without saying anything and took more time to write their autographs. This little incident shows clearly how kind they are. You could feel how attractive they are as they are in TREE DVD.

Melon-pan: Melon-pan is a popular traditional Japanese snack bread. A typical melon-pan is made of a bread dough covered with a thin layer of a cookie dough.



VOGUE JAPAN, Magara Eri (@magaratta)
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140827 “VOGUE JAPAN” EDITORS BLOG: “Let’s celebrate the release of Tohoshinki LIVE DVD & Vogue Japan Oct issue together!”

Let’s celebrate the release of Tohoshinki LIVE DVD & Vogue Japan Oct issue together!
written by: Mihoko Iida (@mihokoiida)

Hello, everyone! I am Mihoko Iida from Vogue Japan.
Have you received the Oct issue of Vogue Japan yet?

LIVE DVD [TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~] (8/27 on sale) and Vogue Japan Oct issue (8/28 on sale).

We are so grateful to everyone because we received many exciting tweets and comments every day and night〜♡

Today & finally, we just released a full version of the making film and please, please watch it.


First of all, in order to direct [Celebrate] that was the concept of this shooting, Satoko Fujisaki-san, a wine-stylist, prepared Champagne bottles and a fruits plate.

Actually, Fujisaki-san is the Fujisaki-san who writes a column in Kami-no-shizuku (Drops of God), a legendary comic that is one of Changmin-san’s favorite JPN comics〜. Fujisaki-san knows everything about alcohol, so she taught Changmin-san how to do Champagne shower without a rehearsal (!)
After we finished all the shooting and interview, we revealed Changmin-san who Fujisaki-san is. Changmin-san was so deeply touched and his big eyes even got bigger (1.5 times more!) and asked Fujisaki-san, “Would you mind shaking hands with you?” I can still remember very clearly that Changmin-san shook hands with Fujisaki-san.

During the interview, we took pictures of Tohoshinki and the two of them wrote autographs on them.. here they are. We have three pictures with their autographs for our readers.
Actually, Tabano from our editorial office who helped Tohoshinki to write autographs on the pictures was about 8 months pregnant and her belly was really big. When Yunho-san noticed her, he asked her very kindly, “Pardon me, but are you expecting a baby?” I still remember that too.


The photographer who took pictures this time is the best and well respected Kei Ogata. Ogata-san has kept making legendary photo shoots in Vogue Japan. He took the photos of Vogue Japan 2011 May issue “Friendship of Tohoshinki that is almost equivalent to Love”. Ogata-san met Tohoshinki after there years, he was able to capture much more powerful Tohoshinki in the form of Celebration for us and you all, Tohoshinki-fans. I think he made another legendary photo shoot this time.
We will show you the cute Tohoshinki, the powerful Tohoshinki, and the sexy Tohoshinki through the pages of the Oct issue of Vogue magazine. The making film was shot by Tomono-san and Nakajima-san beautifully and they did not miss anything out. And not to forget about Eri Magara, a writer who also participated in editing. I am really grateful to Magara-san for her speed and sense, and I am really counting on her♡ Magara-san is actually a mother of the tortoise, Gura-chan, with whom Yunho-san and Changmin-san had fond memories of.

I watched the documentary film that was included in the 3rd disk of LIVE DVD [TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2014~TREE~] (8/27 on sale). and it really brought me tears~.
For their fans who filled the concert venue, Tohoshinki and their staffs kept challenging to their limit.. they looked godly (amazing).. I was so touched by the scene where Yunho-san said earnestly, “The staff of Tohoshinki are my pride~.”

This may be a bit of derail, but I also feel that the energy of our staffs are so very important while I keep working/pursuing my career. Especially people in media has a lot of time spending together with staffs. For me, its really important whether I like them before interviews. Among the staffs, the Tohoshinki’s staffs are the best! they are awesome people. I can tell they work as a team (one) in order to create the best product/stage/photoshoot/etc and make the best memories. Their energy always saves/energizes me and I am really grateful to that. I tried to convey my feelings through the last cut.

In the last cut, I wanted to express, “the sexy Tohoshinki” and I let them try many different posing. Somehow I thought, perhaps one can hold a ring so that we can get a close-up of his hands. However, we did not have a ring for the photo shoot. Then the manager of Tohoshinki took off his ring and he allowed us to use it for the photo shoot. When Changmin-san held the ring, (he/his hands) looked mysterious and very sexy. Thanks to them, we were able to take such a wonderful picture. This is a very special photo where Tohoshinki and their manager were united.

In order to take movies of 15 years Celebration of Vogue that we have already uploaded, Tanifuji-san, a stylist, arranged those cute balloons.

And on Twitter, we were able see props that were used in the planning of this photo shoot, and fan arts where everyone was able to reproduce their poses very precisely (!). and we were very much impressed.

etc and etc.

We were able to make this photo shoot possible because of the effort and hard work of so many people. I also want to thank immensely, all our readers who enjoy this issue with us!

Thank you very much for your support♡

See you in Vogue Japan!



VOGUE JAPAN, Mihoko Iida
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[VID/Partial Trans] 140827 Tohoshinki For “VOGUE JAPAN” – October Issue! Official Photoshoot Making Video

The photoshoot making video of Tohoshinki for the October issue of Vogue Japan. The magazine’s been released today 140828:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq921YIo27k]

Partial Trans (Korean Parts):

58s-Yunho(Korean): “(The champagne) went right in(to my eye)”.

1:13-Yunho(Korean): “It’s ok, it’s ok”, Chami: “Sorry”



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[Watch Online/Eng Sub+DL Torrent] 140826 The Night Watchman’s Journal EP 08

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[Eng Sub-cheryltvxq] 140822 The Ultimate Group 最强天团 – TVXQ 东方


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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVynU8LN2Gs]



江苏卫视官方7 频道China JiangsuTV Official Channel, Original Video: here
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