[Trans] 140827 October issue of WITH magazine – Part 3 BTS of Tohoshinki’s cover page photoshoot

[trans] October issue of WITH magazine – Part 3 BTS of Tohoshinki’s cover page photoshoot

The Tohoshinki special in the October issue contains 8 pages. From the handsome shots of them decked suavely in suits, to the up-shots which appear as if they are staring at you through the camera, to the natural looks of the both of them who are conveying the fact that they are approving of each other, this issue consists of photos which one cannot get enough of even if one keeps looking at them. Only in this special, just the number of photos which are totally newly captured totalled more than 30! We published them generously. In addition, because a specially made polaroid card is also included in each book, you definitely can’t miss out on it right!

Approaching the date of release, we will extract a part of Tohoshinki’s interview and introduce it to everybody. Please check out the details in the issue of the magazine itself.

-After concluding this year’s Tree tour, which was realized in the Arenas, which are smaller than the Domes, after their extremely successful nationwide 5-Dome tour in 2013-

Yunho: (omitted) I was also able to see the facial expressions of each and every single person, so didn’t it turn out to be an earnest communication with one another..

Changmin: (omitted) I developed the reassurance of “So everybody is really in tune with one another”, “So I am conveying everything well”.

-about their dreams for the future-

Yunho: (omitted) It would be great if we can one day release the songs made by the both of us, and I also want to perform them at tours.

Changmin: (omitted) Honestly, I don’t have lofty dreams. I just want to try improving on what I am interested in now.

-Finally, introducing Changmin-ssi’s words!-
“(omitted) Because we can see an even higher “top”…

Please check out the October issue.

[from: http://withonline.jp/entertainment/667 + Jap-Kor trans by TVXQDrip 토마토님]



With online, post: Here
JP-KR Translations by TVXQDrip 토마토님
KR-EN Translations by @mug_ping, originally posted: here
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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