[News/Trans] 140830 TRF-Sam Talked about Tohoshinki, Who They are and How They are Behind Stages (Model Press Interview)


[TRANS] Model Press Interview

TRF-Sam, the producer of Tohoshinki’s live stages, talked about Tohoshinki, who they are and how they are behind stages


Sam has actively working as a member of TRF, a dancer and a producer/director of live stages for many artists. He is preparing for a outdoor live, [a-nation] as a member of TRF that will be held on Aug 31st. In this interview, Sam talked about Tohoshinki in particular focusing on how they are/who they are behind stages – Sam has worked with them as their producer/director for their current activities and live stages.

This year is the 21 years anniversary for TRF and he has been well respected for his talent in directing live performances. Especially he has been recognized by professionals in entertainment business as an acclaimed director for the live stages of Tohoshinki. His skill/talent has gained a lot of attention not only in Japan but also in Asia.
This time we asked him about his current activity and life work.

Model Press (MP): You have been directing live performances of many artists, these days? Who (artists) did you work with so far? Do you have something that you are particular about when you direct?

Sam: V6, BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, SMAP, Tohoshinki and so on. What I am particular about is… that every artist has his/her own unique attractive/charm points. So I grasp the best of the artist and I convey the part to audience. In addition, I will try to convey the best part of the artist to the people who come to see the artist for the first time, and in order to do that I will shape up my ideas while considering many different aspects (of the artists).

About the content of live stages… about the course of the stage (from opening to ending) is of course, I discuss with staffs thoroughly and we include items that are trendy at the time. I make direction and staging while imagining that after the show, when people think about the show, they will remember my direction and staging.

MP: Where do you get ideas for directing a stage? Where do you get your inspiration? Do you mind telling us about them?

Sam: I always have my raider (antenna) on and high in my daily life. I get inspiration from everything that I see.

♦ The attractive features/charm points of Tohoshinki by Sam

MP: For a long time, you have been directing live performances of Tohoshinki, haven’t you? Is there anything that you have been conscious (careful) about when you do so? Can you tell us about the attractive features/charm points of the two (Tohoshinki)?

Sam: They are truly amazing artists in singing and dancing, therefore I will do my best to show the audience the both features of them. With regard to dance music, I do not need to talk about Yunho but the ability of Changmin in dancing has incredibly progressed, so that I give them choreography at the level for professional dancers. Additionally, I want all audience can enjoy the show, so I direct their stage in 360° space (full view).

The attractive points/charm points of them are that they truly care about their fans and they seriously devote themselves into their live shows. Changmin always pays attention to staffs and cares for them. He is a junior (to the most of the people) but he really is mature. Yunho tends to forget about (some part of ) lyrics and Changmin secretly tells Yunho the part by whispering to Yunho’s ear (Changmin is not letting other people to know about this).

Yunho is self aware that he is the leader. He really is confident/strong. But during rehearsals, Yunho plays silly/jokes around, and Changmin feeds Yunho his lines. However, Yunho does look over the whole picture with good balance, and he keeps thinking about how to make Tohoshinki even better.

MP: Can you tell us about your own diet and training in order to keep your physique and stamina?

Sam: About dieting, I basically eat everything but I care about balance. About training, I do muscle training, stretch and dance.

MP: You are going to participate as a member of TRF in a-nation in Japan and in Taiwan. Can you tell us about your enthusiasm?

Sam: These are the festivals at the very end of the summer, so I want everyone to forget about everything and just enjoy the show!!

MP: Thank you so much!

(I omitted the rest coz its similar to what was provided in the introduction.)





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