[Trans] 140926 Excerpt from Star News Changmin with Red Velvet (Interview 3)

Excerpt from Star News (Interview 3):

Having being selected by the nation’s top entertainment company, becoming an SM artiste, what is the special advantage?

Wendy: They (the company) are very reliable, every time when we meet with our seniors, they (the seniors) always provides us with lots of suggestions. If our schedules overlaps (as in they share the same schedule), even if it is just standing on the same stage as them, they have already provided us with a lot of energy.

Changmin: I feel that being able to look at our beautiful/pretty juniors, is my life’s energisers/vitality, haha! From our senior Kangta who debuted in 1996, to Red Velvet who debuted in 2014, there are many artistes with a wide age range, that exist within the company, that is also why there are many opportunities for learning. As compared to other (entertainment) companies, (our company, referring to SM) has accumulated experience on how to groom popular artistes, having that experience for more than 10 years, they have also established a complete support structure. But most importantly, Mr. Lee Soo Man takes very good care of the artistes, and he also gives a lot of good advice. Of course, money and reputation are equally important as well, but (he) has also said a lot of things that is beneficial to one’s life. He is a man (Mr. Lee Soo Man), who has groomed many artistes to-date, i feel that even until now, there is a lot more for me to learn by working under him. In fact, even though we can already describe him as [advanced in age], but until now, he continues to seek new things, to learn more things, will not be complacent of the reality now, and will always attempt new experiences, very proactive. To be able to spend the whole of my 20s under the leadership of such a brilliant man (Mr. Lee Soo Man), observing his journey and learning (from him) along the way, i feel that is the luckiest thing to be able to work with this company.

After meeting and talking to each other, how do you feel?

Irene: In the past, we did not have such chance to talk with our seniors, i am really grateful (for this opportunity)

Seul G: To be able to chat like this, we feel honoured. For each of our questions, (he) answered sincerely with suggestions, it feels like he really gave our questions a lot of consideration Recently, from the life of a trainee, to someone who can be seen in the television, only realised that i myself had did many actions unnaturally. (For him) to be able to provide these suggestions to me, it’s really helpful.

Max: It is really great to be able to meet up with the juniors. Because in the past, we did not have time to talk like this for so long with them, so I felt curious (about the juniors), and i also hope that i can help them as much as i can, because they are the juniors of the company which i have always see as a part of my family, (they are) not just people that i pass by once or twice. Hence, (I) always have this thought of taking care of them. I thought of bringing them out for a meal one day, but they are having activities right now. In addition, as they are girls, weight management is very important. I was prepared to treat them to have a fulfilling meal, but they can’t!


Kr-Chi: loveissammi + checked portions from this article: http://m.star.mt.co.kr/view.html?no=2014092610351678311
Translated by @joeylfy with help from @snxy 🙂

-all mistakes are ours, and adjusted words/order for better flow-.


Part 1, Part 2



스타뉴스 StarNews,
Original KR-CN Translation by loveissammi
CN-EN Translation by  @joeylfy of TVXQ! Express, with help from  @snxy : here
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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