[Trans] 141031 YUNHO Official Interview KNTV Diary of A Night Watchman


YUNHO Official Interview KNTV Diary of A Night Watchman

Q: You played a role of Moo Suk, a royal soldier, Did you have any difficulty or put some efforts in taking a part in the period drama?

It was my first period drama so I was a little nervous in the beginning. However, I did not think that I have to play the role in the fashion suited to a period drama, rather I wanted to play the role of Moo Suk so I took Moo Suk’s character into consideration first. Moo Suk Continue reading

[Eng Sub-KBSWorld] 141023 Happy Together – Yunho’s Video Message to his Best Friend Son Hojoon (141002)

This is from Happy Together 3 Episode with Son Hojoon that was first broadcast on 141002, then in English on 141023:

Starts at: 06:27-07:00 and 55:20-57:36

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZErlaiAvR8]



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[Audio/Lyrics] Preview of Tohoshinki’s “Baby don’t Cry!”

Baby don’t cry is the b-side of Tohoshinki new upcoming single: Time Works Wonders! You can find the song preview/purchase its ring tones from here


Here is a partial translation of the lyrics as heard in the previews, by @beriko0214:

[Part TRANS] Tohoshinki Baby Don’t Cry

(‘• J •’) Alright Baby Don’t Cry ♪♪
Gently I give kisses to drops of your tears
Clouds are moving away, Light starts shining
This time, I will kiss your smiley face
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[INFO] 141024 Film “International Market” (Yunho has a cameo in it) will be Released on 18 Dec

  • Film “International Market” (Yunho has a cameo in it) will be released on 18 Dec
  • This article says that “International Market”(starring Hwang Jung Min) passed blind test reviews with flying colours!




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