[Trans/Fanacc] 140830 Tohoshinki at a-nation 2014! Part.2


[TRANS] a-nation 083014 Fan Account Summary Part 2

cr @ROCO921
YH: Changmin, do you want to tell (audience) some news?
YH: Do you have something?
CM: (smiling happily).. Yes~
YH: Yes?
CM: (kept smiling happily)… Yes~
YH: What is it?
CM whispered to YH’s ear.
YH: ahahahaha
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[News/Trans] 140831 Tohoshinki, 4th Day at 1st Place on the Oricon Daily Charts for their Japanese tour DVD

[trans] Tohoshinki, 4th day at 1st place on the Oricon Daily Charts for their Japanese tour DVD

Through their “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~ Tree” DVD released in Japan, Tohoshinki has taken over 1st place on the Oricon charts for the 4th day.

According to the Oricon charts, Japan’s biggest music aggregate site, on August 31, following the 1st place obtained on the DVD Combined Overall Daily Charts on the 1st day of sale, Tohoshinki’s tour DVD, “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~ Tree” which went on sale on 27 August, is in the midst of creating a record of the 4th consecutive day at the top of the charts. Not only this, it is also maintaining its 1st place on the DVD Music Daily Charts.

-details about the DVD excluded and Tohoshinki’s achievements with the Tree tour excluded-




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[Trans] 140830 Tohoshinki Ment at a-nation [Full]

Video for 1st and 2nd Ment:

[cr: nana(@seoyeon218)]

A-nation Opening ment

Y: Yeaaah!
C: Everyone, 2014 a-nation stadium fes….
Y: Everybody, good evening.
Y&C: We are Tohoshinki!
Y: Is everyone feeling well?
B: YES!!
Y: I’m Yunho! (who belongs to everyone)
Y: (*takes the hand mic from C after C nudges him) Yes, yahhh, everyone, today is awesome! It’s really exciting! (Y’s hand signal for Changmin to speak)
C: Everybody, good evening. I’m Changmin.
C: Yahh, i thought about Tohoshinki Live Tour this year, it was completed about two months ago? ***the outcome (t/n: i’m guessing he’s referring to the level of passion and excitement in the concert) i thought we wouldn’t experience it for another year.*** (didn’t understand this part, he speaks reaaaally quick and words got all jumble up). But, this stadium, as usual the level of excitement, its unbelievably high, right?
Y: Until yesterday, ??? (didn’t understand this part), but today we feel really good.
Y: Today, with each and every one of you, lets get high together?
B: YES!!!
Y: My heart is beating fast now…
Y: So, please take care of us.
C: So, please listen to our next song.

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[Fanacc] 140830 Tohoshinki at a-nation 2014! Part.1

Set list:

1.Spellbound JP ver
~Opening Mnet~
3.I love you
4.Good Days
6.Keep Your Head Down
8.Summer Dream
9. Ocean
10. Somebody to Love
~Final Mnet~



[Live Trans] opening ment…

Y&C: Hi everyone. We are Tohoshinki!
Y: How is everyone? I’m Yunho! Today everyone is very passionate…
C: I’m Changmin! Today, as usual…everyone is very passionate ne…
C: Today, hopefully we’ll can be excited together until the end of the concert!
C: So, please listen to our next song!

Sorry, couldn’t catch all of it..


[Live Trans] Second ment.

Y; Is everyone having fun?
Both: We are Tohoshinki
C: Everyone is very hot
Y: Because of everyone’s excitement, we becoming more powerful
C: Recently, our Tohoshinki Bigeast fanclub…(can’t hear)
Y: *Wanted to take off the clothes* It’s hot, can i take off my jacket?
A: AHHHHH!!!!!!
C: You don’t need to ask….
Y: Please continue to take care of us…
C: Let’s stay passionate until the end!
Y: Changmin is good today ne….
Y: Thanks to everyone, we are able to have a Japan Tour next year..(for their 10th year debut anniversary)
Y: Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya…Budoukan?
Y: Please take care of us during next year tour too!

(too many people laughs, can’t hear… a ;pt of missing lines)


[Live Trans] Y: Tohoshinki loves everyone


[Live Trans] Third ment…

C: This was our last song.
Y: We really love everyone. Today is really fun, to enjoy the summer with all of you.
Y&C: This was Tohoshinki!
C: Everyone, we are…

(fireworks everywhere, missed a lot of their lines…sorry..)

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[TRANS] a-nation 083014 Fan Account Summary Part 1

cr: @a2m69
CM: Oh, cool breeze is coming in… your (audience) passion is the best!
CM: But before this stage, we were shooting Mission for Bigeasts and we used a lot of our energy for that..

cr@mocaminne @ may
YH got confused about in which direction that he had to leave the stage for changing his costume.. he was supposed to be leaving from the CM’s side…
CM: No no no that way.. I told you that many times during rehearsals.
YH: I know, I know.. but this is what live is great about!!!
YH left the stage www

Before leaving the stage, CM started to open the bottle of water and he looked really happy. I thought he was going to pour the water over himself but he turned back and pour everything over YH wwww

cr: @All_about_Yunho
After they get changed to the tank top T outfit, Bigeasts were a bit taken by the outfit.. coz they look like gymnasts 😀
YH: Please focus on YH!

YH: Do you know why many artists sing and dance so cool? Because they love you all very much!

I Love You. After said the phrase, CM opened his eyes slowly and watched the red big ocean. When they faced each other and the song was ending, CM gave YH twice very gentle gaze.

Good Days
YH was singing in full gear even during CM’s part..and YH looked so happy …TTTTT


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  • changmin got a suntan n showed a big smile lots n lots today, even during KYHD. seems he really loves to perform at the stadium. ♪(*^^)o
  • ” i love you” was just awesome! especially when listening to it under the night sky, their harmony sounds more beautiful…
  • actually be4 THSK came out, even no annoncement, the stadium changed to be red ocean n THSK calls continued. n then they finally appeared!
  • during Sweat, changmin sang ♪yamitsuki every night〜♪ wz his very sexy voice n a smirk of satisfaction, which might be R15.( ̄▽ ̄)

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  • 8/30 a-nation fanacc B4 YH left the stage 2 change cloth: YH: Im gona take off my jacket,can I? CM: Sure,Why dont u get naked then. BE:(〃▽〃)


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[TRANS] As soon as Tohoshinki came out, the audience turned into red ocean and cheered like an earthquake,excitedly saying “they’re here!” (゚∀゚)━! But by the time of ‘I Love You’, previously riotous Bigeast turned amazingly silent. KREVA fans seemed seriously startled by this, saying “Tohoshinki fans, are you still breathing?” It was the highlight from today.

cr @amazingyunoha
エイネレポ そしてトンが出た途端のレッドオーシャンと地鳴りみたいな歓声に、「キタ━(゚∀゚)━!」と大興奮。それがI loveYouで一転、荒ぶるビギが嘘のようにシンとなると、「東方神起のファン……息してか?」とKREVAファンが心底ビビってたのが今日のハイライ トでした。

[TRANS] Yunho returned to stage after change his outfits in the middle of MC. His body really looked like a fitness instructor. Not aware of the buzz among Bigeast, he said the due script, ( ∵ ) “Pay attention to Yunho!” In fact, everyone was buzzing because they paid close attention to you! lolol

cr @All_About_Yunho
【エイネレポ】 #anation 途中のMC、交代ではけて衣装着替えて戻ってきたユノ。まじ 体 操の お 兄 さ ん ざわつくビギに気付かず台本通りのセリフ言うユノ。 ( ∵ )ユノにしゅちゅしてっ!! 皆お前に大注目でざわついてるんだわ!!ww

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  • The end of anation spill water towards to ~ I know u guys feel very hot on the stage xp

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