[Fanacc] 150214 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~at Sapporo Dome (Part.1)



Today, a lot of flights couldn’t reach Sapporo because of the heavy snow, either returned back to the airport or were delayed! Not only fans suffered from that, but also Sam-san, though he made it on time for the concert thankfully > <!

Despite that some fans tried to attend the concert even after it started!! so let’s give all, even those who didn’t made it, a big applause for the success of today’s concert ^^

Songs Set-list:

-Inro VCR-
Refuse To Lose (8th Album)
Spining (8th Album)
Why? Keep Your Head Down -Re-arranged, T1ST0RY ver- (5th Album)
Choosey Lover (2nd Album) Continue reading