[TRANS] 150218 Omura Column by Masaki Omura, The News Caster of YOU-GATA TV writing about his Interview with Tohoshinki

[TRANS] 2015.2.18 Omura Column by Masaki Omura, The News Caster of YOU-GATA TELEVISION (UHB Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting) who interviewed TOHOSHINKI

Burst! Talks on Crabs in the mid-winter
This week was unusually warm.. this winter we have rather unstable weather..
The weekend.. we had a terrible weather. Was everyone okay?

In such a weekend, on the Valentine’s day, TOHOSHINKI had a live concert at Sapporo Dome.
“SAKURAMICH” being released on 25th will be a new Japanese spring song.

There were many fans coming to the concert Continue reading

[Schedule Update] 150219 Tohoshinki to be featured in More Upcoming TV and Radio Shows~

TV Shows:

  • NipponTV series, “Music Dragon” , broadcasting on 28/2 12.58~1.58am JST will feature live performance from TOHOSHINKI
  • NipponTV series, “LIVE MONSTER” , broadcasting on 16/3 12.00~12.25am JST will feature TOHOSHINKI appearance
  • SpaceShowerTV Plus “TOHOSHINKI Special” will be broadcast on 28/2 9.30~11.30pm JST. Rebroadcast in Mar’15
  • FujiTV “魁!音楽番付 Eight | Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight” will feature interview with TOHOSHINKI, broadcasting on 26/2 1.40~2.10am JST (Kanto area only)


Radio Shows:

  • TOHOSHINKI will be featured in radio program – InterFM「Happy Hour!」 on 23/2 11am~2pm JST
  • TOHOSHINKI commentary will be featured in radio program – bayfm「NOW HITS STREET」, fr 23/2~27/2 6.55~6.59pm JST

For more, please check our Schedule Page 



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