[TRANS] 150218 Bigeast Staff Report: February 18th

All translation mistakes are truly mine – @joeylfy

Today is Changmin 27th birthday!

Yesterday after the recording for “LIVE MONSTER”, because it was already on the 18th, (t/n: they finished the recording past midnight), he received warm Happy Birthday ♪ wishes from all of Bigeast (t/n: those who attended the recording), really thank you very much!

Changmin was really happy!
At the dressing room, we celebrated (his birthday) together with Yunho, the dancers and the staff!

The photo, was taken much earlier at the tour venue as we celebrated it together with the staff!


Changmin, congratulations on your 27th birthday! !


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[Fanacc] 150216 Tohoshinki’s recording for Music Japan (Broadcast on 3/2 & 3/9)

On 150216, Tohoshinki went to Music Japan recording at NHK hall. Venue opened at 06:00 pm, and the recording was at 07:00-9:30 pm (cr: @xx__0_0__xx)

and It is to be broadcast on 150302 at 12:10 am and 150309 at 12:36 am (cr: @snxy)

They performed both Spinning and Sakuramichi



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