[TRANS] 150220 Bigeast Staff Report: Nagoya Dome Day 1

All translation mistakes are truly mine – @joeylfy

Today, we had a celebration for Changmin’s birthday during the encore stage!

Though he said that “(My birthday) was 2 days ago, is it okay to have a big celebration like this?”, he was really happy! To everyone who sent in warm wishes, thank you very much!

Next, (this is) the introduction of our dressing room part 2!!

Let us introduce you to the present from the tour staff for Yunho’s birthday this year!


Massage chair!!

During the tour, although (the massage chair) is always available in the training room, this is the first one for Yunho, and it heals everyone mentally and physically! Because of these (massage chairs), the hard (dance) choreographies are no problem as well!!

(Our) first day in Nagoya Dome, thank you to everyone!

“Today, there were a lot of special occasions, we also celebrated Changmin’s birthday on our first day (of our tour) in Nagoya Dome and (I) was really happy!

I think there are people who know about this, during TONE tour, we started “We are T!” here. (I’m) really glad to be able to relive that warm feeling here again.” (Yunho)

“It is Nagoya after all! Though I think that we always had fun time (together), but today’s fun/happy time was better than ever, and there was a birthday celebration too! Everyone, thank you very much!

Anyway! Thanks to everyone, I felt really blessed!” (Changmin)

Everyone at Nagoya, let’s have a spectacular time together tomorrow too!!


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[Schedule Update] 150220 Tohoshinki for more TV Appearances and Performances!

  • NipponTV series, “SUKKIRI” on 150224, will feature live performance from TOHOSHINKI
  • TBS’s “Pittanko KanKan”,  broadcasting on 150227 07:56~ pm JST, will feature TOHOSHINKI appearance
    ※ guest appearance



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