[NOTICE] Giveaway Contest SAKURAMICHI “With TVXQ!”: WINNERS Announced!

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Hello dear TVXQ! Express readers,

First of all, we would like to thank all the participants in this giveaway contest for sharing their precious emotions for TVXQ! with us! it brought us so much joy reading all these lovely submissions and we were able to relate to many of them! It’s unfortunate that we only have 10 CDs to giveaway, and we had some hard time picking the winning pieces! The winning pieces have been chosen through both group voting (your not straying away from main objective of the giveaway was a main determinant) and doing a lucky draw for when there was a tie.

Never the less, here are the numbers of the Winning Entries:











If you are one of the winners PLEASE contact us only through the contact form below (It doesn’t display messages to public). Also please use the same email you used to submit your entry, or write it down in your message for us to confirm that the entry, you won with, does indeed belong to you.

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Secondly, we invite you to read some random pick of these sweet submissions, let’s take a look at what’s being “WITH TVXQ!” means to some of us:

Entry #12

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Entry #16

The conjunction WITH is used to connect two words.  In this case, it connects the words, TVXQ and the fans.  What is the connection between TVXQ and the fans?  What does it really mean?
Yunho said that it was, ‘TVXQ with Bigeast’.  For Changmin, it was, ‘Yunho with Shim’.  For us fans, it will always be, ‘TVXQ with their fans’.
With TVXQ. Together with two of my favorite people in the world.  No matter how cliché this may sound, the meaning of WITH TVXQ for me is growing up together in all aspects.
Being with Yunho and Changmin for six years was not easy.  Watching them during the highest and lowest point of their careers made me realize many things.  No matter what happens, we must continue growing up and move towards the future.
Together, we both grew up to be better than what we are in the past.  We became stronger than before.  Unconsciously, I grasped the fact that the current me would not be here if it wasn’t for these two people. And I’m sure that for Yunho and Changmin, the present time would not happen if we are not with them.
All of these happened because we are on each other’s side; guiding each other on this road we are currently taking.  Everything is possible, but with Yunho and Changmin whom I grew up with albeit not personally, walking on this path turned out to be a hundred times better than taking it with others.

Entry #18

Eleven Years and counting, WITH TVXQ.
After a few life changing experiences, I’ve realized that being with TVXQ is like being with great, long time friend. TVXQ is that friend whose company I can enjoy at all times. That friend who warms my heart with just the slightest thought of them. That friend who I haven’t talked to in a long time, but can continue our  conversation from where we last left off. We can sit for hours, just reminiscing about old times and of course, I would remember and retell all those embarrasing, but hilarious, stories. And even if there are moments of silence, there would be no awkwardness. That friend that I would drop everything for to protect, take care of, console, matchmake for, and so on. As the years pass, we live our own lives, checking in on each other once in a while, with an unchanging relationship. We never are too busy for one another, we’ve just come to the realization that a great friendship does not mean knowing everything about each other but about the love we have for each other. Although TVXQ does not think of me individually, being apart of Cassiopeia and being loved by them in that way is enough :). Being WITH TVXQ, is being with my great, great loving friend. And I’m very proud to have made this friend such a long time ago.

Entry #21

With TVXQ, I got a lot of friends in the Philippines. Because of TVXQ, I met very awesome Filipinos. I’m good in Filipino now because my Cassie friends help me a lot whenever we meet up. They are like my sisters now. I will never have friends like them who has the same love for TVXQ and such kind people if it’s not because of Yunho and Changmin. Through them, I met so many Cassies. We even hold a pajama party and only watching marathons of TVXQ concerts. It’s really fun! Even if I am a foreigner in a foreign country, because I’m with TVXQ, I learned to adapt to the life in the Philippines

Lastly, to all dear participants, Thank you so much again for sharing your TVXQ! love with us! for those who didn’t win, we wish you the best of luck as we hope this does not be the last giveaway project we do! your not winning doesn’t mean that we didn’t like what you shared with us, remember that we had to choose some through a random draw and so… yeah 😦

with your support, hand in hand, we hope to be better and better at catching up with the real TVXQ! Express and spread their love more and more~

If you have any questions, suggestions please feel free to contact us via our email TVXQExpress@gmail.com

Best Regards,

TVXQ! Express

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