[INFO] 150430 [ TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY – &…! ] In Seoul on 6/13 and 6/14 has been Announced!



1. Performance

• Date: 1st – 2015/6/13 (Sat) 06:00 PM
2nd – 2015/6/14 (Sun) 04:00 PM

• Venue : Olympic Park 1st Gym, Seoul

• Ticket Price : each sear ₩110,000 (V.A.T. included)


2. Booking Information

• Official Fanclub Cassiopeia Members
– 2015/5/6 (Wed) 08:00 pm

• General Booking
– 2015/5/7 (Thu) 08:00 pm

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[Instagram] 150429 Shim Jae won Shares a Screencap of his Group Chatting with TVXQ! Let’s GO!!

{p/n: we have arranged the translated post to resemble the original text. For reference, all links are provided in the credits}




Translation of screencap group chat text:

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[Trans] 150428 On Actor Yunho’s Recieving Countless Offers from Numerous Drama and Movie Projects



News Article Summary:

A renowned acting tutor who taught many famous korean actors wrote in a column that Yunho, after his redeemed performance on njw, has been recieving countless offers from numerous drama and movie projects

he lauds yunho for being a stellar example of hard work, determination, and self-exertion.

columnist is head of Continue reading

[Trans/Fanacc] EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Others Mention TVXQ! in Recent Interviews/News+Xiumin’s Fanboying~


Compilation of EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Dal Shabet, and others mentioning TVXQ! in recent interviews/news. In addition to episodes of EXO’s Xiumin’s TVXQ! fanboying here and there :)~




150425 EXO’s Xiumin wish to travel with TVXQ:


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[cr: 小智MAX, Translated by @tvxq_et_moi]




150423 Red Velvet’s Seulgi chooses TVXQ as her role model:



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[Trans] 150427 Episode2. Interview with Akinori Itoh (Photographer), Tohoshinki for JP Magazine 「SPUR」- June Issue 2015


Episode2. Interview with Akinori Itoh (Photographer)

エピソード・スペシャル1 ~フォトグラファー 伊藤彰紀氏より~



We talked to the photographer, AKINORI ITOH, behind the photoshoot of the cover and the special.

“The first time that I took pictures of TOHOSHINKI was about 7 ~ 8 years ago and since then I have taken their pictures for a few times. But every time I realize that they have not changed at all.. even they have now established as such big stars. They are not arrogant at all. They say hi to all of staffs and they are friendly.

And they remember all the works that Continue reading