[INFO] 160227 Tohoshinki was Crowned Best Asian Artist for 3 Years Consecutively at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016!!

Despite their very few releases and being active in Japan in 2015 for less than half a year, Tohoshinki managed to be crowned as the best Asian Artist at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016 again, making it their 3rd consecutive crown!! They have also won with WITH TOUR DVD the Best Music Video (Asia) Award! (Album WITH already won best album on the 2015 awards, you can check it here).


Best Asian Artist (Asia):


160227 Tohoshinki wins 2 crowns at the 30th Japan Gold Disc Award (2016) 000


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[INFO] 150618 Oricon 1st Half of 2015 Year Rankings: Tohoshinki Enters both Top 10 Albums and Top 20 Singles!


Tohoshinki was the most top foreign artist in both charts!


150617 Oricon 1st Half of 2015 Year Ranking:



  • Albums : No.9 WITH – Tohoshinki (Estimated cumulative sales: 266,824 copies)


150617 Oricon half year ranking for 2015 000 albums #9 WITH


  • Singles : No.20 SAKURAMICHI – Tohoshinki (Estimated cumulative sales: 158,131 copies)

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[Fanacc/Ranking] 150405 Effects of Tohoshinki’s Music Station Appearance on Sakuramichi Sales


There has been a noticeable positive effect on SAKURAMICHI’s sales following Tohoshinki’s appearance on the popular Japanese music show “MUSIC STATION” (on 150403), which was their first time since their last performance (ANDROID) on 2012!


such effect has been noticed during/after the broadcast, and is still going on:





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[INFO] 150330 Tohoshinki’s “SAKURAMICHI” Tops RUSH Music Comprehensive Ranking!

150330 Tohoshinki’s “SAKURAMICHI” tops RUSH music comprehensive ranking. A ranking that’s based on the number of internet comments



{p/n: the ranking is for the month of march it seems}

here’s the previous weeks’ rankings





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[INFO] 150310 Tohoshinki SAKURAMICHI has been Certified GOLD by RIAJ for 2015/02!

Tohoshinki (東方神起) SAKURAMICHI has been certified GOLD by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan)

for the month of November 2014 (GOLD=sold over 100,000 copies)

the single has sold over 150k copies as released by Oricon chart on 150320~



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[INFO] 150320 Tohoshinki’s SAKURAMICHI as No.2 for Oricon Daily Single Ranking (150319), Passes 150K copies in Total!

SAKURAMICHI is back to the chart, scoring as No.2 in Oricon Single Daily Ranking for 150319 with 1,958 copies, Total copies so far 150,919 copies!


150320 Oricon Single Daily Ranking for 150319 No.2 SAKURAMICHI with 1,958 copies 000





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