[PIC/Fanacc] 150324 Yunho for The Night Watchman Journal PREMIUM EVENT at NHK hall

Today Yunho attended The Night Watchman Journal PREMIUM EVENT at NHK hall, Tokyo, which was completed through 3 rounds at  01:00, 04:30 and 08:00 PM!

the MC was Minsil-san, and another guest was Actor Jung Il Woo.

Here’s a compilation of photos and fanaccounts of all rounds:



Round 1:


Round 3


[cr: @onlyoneuknow]


Round 2:

[cr: @harooyunho]



Scans of Paparazzi Photos of First Round:

[cr: nodako206]


 Round 2:

 Round 3:

Embedded image permalink

[cr: @moteco26]


Scans of Paparazzi Photos of First Round:



Translated by @snxy:


Round 1:

  • Given at the entrance to the NWJ fm “: 入口でこれもらったぜよ 夜警日誌イベント一部ただいまNHKホールなぅです

  • The official NWJ guidebook is selling like mad ^^ “: すごい勢いで売れてる夜警日誌公式ガイドブックwww”
  • f: yyyyym6 end of NWJ fm first round

  • Minsil-san was the MC for the FM today
  • Yunho’s greeting: Hello everyone, today I am not Tohoshinki’s Yunho but Yunho who played the role of Mooseok f: m_m_tvxq
  • Yunho mentioned he was in the middle of Tohoshinki’s tour but pls look forward as there were other plans in preparation f: m_m_tvxq
  • f: shokorara Yunho: as our last names were Jung, we quickly became acquainted. Minisil-san: My last name is Jung too. Yunho: That’s 3 Jungs!
    Jung = チョン = like Chung btw.
  • f: YCM020618 Yunho’s memorable scenes 3) 4ep sword practice 2) 16ep Confrontation w Yoon Tae Young 1) 16ep scene w Lee Rin who was bewitched
  • “Yunho—!!” Yunho: What? I am Yunho!! RT : 【夜警日誌1部】 「ユノーーー!」 (∵)なに?ユノだよ!!
  • Yunho was rly cute!! His hair has been cut! Clothes were black, black shirt w black suit. RT : 【夜警日誌昼の部】 ユノが超絶可愛かったぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ!!!…
  • yunho’s ending f: sivasingh

  • Aww Yunho, bilingual is bilingual www f: ycm61818

  • Yunho on other plans!

  • More on Yunho today f: nodako206

  • I wanna hear Yunho’s deep voice too!!  f: all_about_yunho

  • Lol this Yunho #夜警日誌イベ1部

  • f: sivasingh bigeast fm staff as expected ww

  • f; nodako206 teasing yunho  

  • f: miromirotic OTL our Yunho ww

  • f: k_yucho08 as yunho was close-by (to the audience) and drawing for the lottery, fans were gg ‘kya-ah-ah’
    yunho: are you ok?
  • Lol Yunho calling out numbers, Changmin-style f: mochitic

  • various fas: EDEN sang two songs. 1st round was 1 and half hrs. Yunho’s nails were clean, little long, smooth and pretty. www
  • f: siroko0219 ww yunho omg changmin would be laughing i bet #夜警日誌イベ1部

  • The autographed prize frm NWJ RT : 夜警日誌1部、抽選会で当選した方に写真を撮らせていただきました! おめでとうございます☆、。・+☆、。・+


Round 2:

  • The Japanese word that Yunho taught Il-Woo today was ‘Rassungoreirai” f: m_m_tvxq
  • The other word tt Yunho taught 心で繋がっているから / to be connected in heart. Il-Woo was trying to imitate e pronunciation f: panee0202
  • f: panee0202 il-woo said yunho had promised to teach him jpn but hadn’t yet so minsil-san said this was his chance. yunho: rassungoreirai
  • Yunho on his hardest to shoot scenes #2 scene with inhwa where she dies f: u_min0206

  • Yunho’s hardest-to-shoot scenes 2部

  • Lol QTP yunho f: yunhobunny

  • Minsil-san said yunho had received bad influence when yunho was calling out numbers, changmin-style wwwww f: tatukuma910
  • Yunho’s 1st imp of Il-Woo: tall and handsome, thought he was similar to me. Il-Woo & fans LOLed. f:
  • lol poor yunho, you must have been rly tired

  • Because Yunho had drunk 2/3 of the bottle of water in 30 mins in the 1st round, in the 2nd round he adjusted his drinking. F: akapitvxq7 ww
  • this man-child yunho ww

  • f: u_min0206 yunho on his hardest to shoot scenes #2 show-down with sang-hyeon

  • Yunho on his hardest to film scenes #1 trying to kill saddam f: u_min0206

  • f: gami212yc yunho’s ‘pls support il-woo’ reminded me of sang-woo-san (yawang fm) when he said ‘pls support yunho’ p_q
  • f: yupan27 e end, when yunho was explaining NWJ was abt – he said it was ‘a drama abt a young person..to a young family.. family-san!?’ <_<
  • f: bigeast1ooochan yunho: today i was a little naughty, sorry about that.. but as long as everyone enjoyed it, it’s good^^ 夜警日誌イベ2部
  •  Rd 2: where yunho wrote his ans vs space left ww “: 【夜警日誌イベ一部】 セリフ当てクイズの答えの文字が小さいwwwwww 可愛い(∵)www ”
    Embedded image permalink
  • Yunho clapping with both his hands like -> (fa was frm rd 2)


Round 3:

  • Yunho made a heart sign, the one that is popular in Korea before he left (with his fingers) f: yunhokku + m_m_tvxq
  • f: sakitvxq1988 haha yunho, what comprehensive gift set??

    Embedded image permalink
  • f: mayamin26 yunho made the small heart w his fingers while looking at the camera during the last part
  • f: sivasingh frm the audience: cute!! yunho: i’m cool! it’s been a long time ;;
  • The heart Yunho made was like Changmin’s “: ユノが、このしむちゃんみたいに!親指と小指で、ハート作りましたよ!!!!その後のドヤ顔!!しんだ!!

    Embedded image permalink
  • f: roomnumber32 yunho on the crying scene- it was filmed 5x. Minsil-san: was the last one used? No, 2nd as his nose was running.
  • Yunho’s words ;; fighting always ~ f: coscosy

    Embedded image permalink
  • On Mooseok’s death scene f: sakitvxq1988

    Embedded image permalink




Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:


Round 1:

  • Fanacct by tvxqaki

  • Fanacct by nodako206 東方神起 サクラミチ

  • Fanacct abt the lucky draw segment and memory test segment (cr: nodako206) 東方神起 サクラミチ


Round 2:

  • NWJ Premium Event Round 2 (Cr: nodako206) 東方神起 サクラミチ Yunho’s really like Changmin today 0.0

  • NWJ Premium Event Round 2 (Cr: nodako206) 東方神起 サクラミチ ㅋㅋ still the need to mention Changmin tho he isnt at the FM~

  • NWJ Premium Event 2 1st impression of Jung Il Woo 東方神起 サクラミチ Since when is Yunho like this?

  • NWJ Premium Event Round 2 Guess the description of Yunho for this pic (cr: on pic) ~ 東方神起 サクラミチ

  • NWJ Premium Event Round 2 東方神起 サクラミチ

  • NWJ Premium Event Round 2 東方神起 サクラミチ Woah, cried 5 times in all 0.0




Translated by @joeylfy:


Round 1:

#NWJRound1 During the final greeting, YH faced the stage and said “What? in Japanese? (or) in Korean? Both? Let’s do both”, then he went and did the greeting in Korean, then followed by Japanese. His tone (when speaking to the audience) is different & much lower as compared to their live performance

RT @sivasingh【夜警1回目】最後の挨拶の時客席に向かって「何?日本語で?韓国語で?混ぜて?混ぜます」って韓国語で挨拶した後日本語で挨拶したユノ。客席へ語りかけるトーンがライブと違って低音でヤバかった。


Round 2:

#NWJRound2 Final Greeting
YH: Today I’m a little bit mischievous… I’m sorry… but, I’m glad everyone had fun/enjoyed (today’s event) ^^ Thank you ^^

RT @bigeast1ooochan: 【 #夜警日誌 イベ2部レポ】#정윤호 #무석 最後の挨拶


Round 3:


  • #NWJRound3 #夜警日誌
    Minsil-San: This drama has both crying & fighting scenes, the filming (of the drama) is really tough right?
    YH: This drama is like a comprehensive gift set ~ www
    RT @SAKiTVXQ1988: 【夜警日誌 3部】
  • YH was cute when he said “I’m Yunho who play the role of Mooseok”. He’s really charming because he’s handsome
    RT @sivasingh: 【夜警3回目】最初の挨拶の「ムソク役割を演じたユノと申します」って何か可愛い。イケメンだから余計可愛い。
  • YH: Mooseuk crying scene was retaken 5 times
    Minsil-san: The5th one was used for broadcast?
    YH: It’s the 2nd one. It was used because I had a runny nose (t/n: when he cried)
    RT @AyU_Knoooow: 【夜警日誌イベ 3部】
  •  The NWJ script book with Yunho’s autograph (pic fr: )
    Embedded image permalink
  •  Minsil-San: Yunho-San, will you speak in Korean or Japanese today?
    YH: It’s a korean drama right, and I want to talk to Il-Woo as well, so I’ll work hard to speak in Korean…
  • About Yunho’s Mooseuk crying scene
    YH: I actually do have a sister, so during the filming (of the crying scene), I had thoughts about my sister and my family. Every time I see this scene now, it reminds me to treasure/cherish my family
    RT @sayasaru0517: 【夜警イベ第3部】
  • When Yunho reading the alphabet to call the selected audience for present…
    Y: It’s L! L! L! L! (Made an L w/ his fingers)
    Y; It’s R! Ah-ru! (tried to make an R with his fingers but failed, it became an O instead…)




Translated by @bumblebeeniee:


Round 1:

  • Before the start of the event today, NWJ’s OST sung by Chami “Can’t Say I Love U” was played. Wonder what Chami’s doing today? (f: kozutvxq)
  • Yunho: Tohoshinki were in the midst of WITH tour, but please look forward as we still have a lot prepared for you. (f: kozutvxq)
  • YH&Ilwoo shares the same surname so when Minsilsan said that her last name is Jung,too,YH said very proudly,”That’s 3 Jungs!” (All_About_Yh)
  • Coming out of Yunho’s mouth “Other than tour, we have a lot of things prepared for you.” (f: All_About_Yunho) OMG! what are those…..
  • As soon as he became Korean, Yunho’s voice suddenly became lower. Then the whole venue screamed in delight.
    Ohmygod,you’re so cool!
  • Since Ilwoo was in here, Yunho have decided to speak in Korean, too. Then the venue applauded for him. f:All_About_Yh

  • ①Black➜jacket,trousers,top
    ②talk in Korean every now and then
    ③inflating cheeks whilst drinking
    ④MC today~Minsil-san



Fanaccount by @loveyunhosama :


Round 2:

  • Round 2: yunho ” 3rd floor, C, line 12, #17 please rise ur hand…raise ur hand…the person right next to u is the one” Fans went crazy
  • 2: yunho ” changmin did this before…i am bad yunho today” He later apologized..said “it was a small joke..but everyone seemed to hv fun”
  • Yunho was crazily cuuuuute…he talked more japamese this round and his “ぜんぜんわからない” was so damn cute
  • The jap he thought today to il woom is “rassogorerai” hahahahahahhaahha
  • He also told the person he made joke on hes sorry and that he made eye contact with her … Hes learning feom changmin loooo
  • Yunhoooo with his pants up, when he stood trying to get then down with his other leg/shoe then we were laughing and he was “nan desu ka”



Fanaccount by @lovehug48:

Round 1:

  • 1st section of 夜警日誌 premium event finished, #Yunho is very kawaii and handsome today
  • Very fast …. already come out today event photos ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Very handsome oppa ~ 夜警日誌 premium event 2015


Round 3:

  • 3rd section of 夜警日誌 premium event finished is very cute today ㅋㅋ happy tonight



As specified above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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