[VID] 180204 東方神起 Reboot as No.13 and Begin ~Again Version~ as No.29 on CDTV Original Ranking

On Count Down TV, CDTV Original Ranking, Tohoshinki’s Reboot rose up as No.13 while Begin ~Again Version~ two ranks down to No.29~



The video below also compiles KYHD on Sukatto Japan + Yunho’s The Night Watchman’s Journal CM

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[INFO/PIC] 150629 Massive Rice Wreath Fan Support for Yunho’s Drama “I Order You” Breaks Previous Record!!



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Today is Yunho’s SBS plus drama “I Order You” non-public press conference, and it’s been revealed that the rice wreath fan support for Yunho was a total of 35.938 ton!! This’s breaking the past record for the largest rice wreath fan support for korean entertainment, which also belonged to Yunho and his fans for the drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal” (32.5 ton)! Continue reading

[Trans] 150606 Yunho and Kim Heung Soo (the King from NWJ)’s Interview with JP Magazine 「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」 (Released 150605)

this’s from an interview of both Yunho and  Kim Heung Soo, the actor who acted the King (Kisangun) in the Night Watchman’s Journal, with the Japanese Magazine 「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」 (I want to know more! Korean TV DRAMA):




Yunho’s Interview:


-Are you the type to quickly shed your character once the drama ends?

Although TVXQ’s tour began soon after the drama ended, I couldn’t get out of Mooseok easily. That’s because he and I had a lot in common personality-wise, and I came to respect how he always stayed true to his beliefs by acting him out. So it took me time to shed myself of him. It wasn’t like this for other dramas. Right after the drama ended. I continued speaking in Mooseok’s brusque, stiff tone.



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