[News-GET IT K] 150812 ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ Kim So-eun to Pass out in Shim Changmin’s Arms


‘Scholar who walks the night’ Kim So-eun to pass out in Shim Chang-min’s arms


‘Scholar who walks the night’ Kim So-eun to pass out in Shim Chang-min’s arms

‘Scholar who walks the night’, the ‘fainting hug’ of Shim Chang-min and Kim So-eun was captured.

MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Scholar who walks the night’ going on the air at 10 pm tonight (August 12), released the stills of Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Chang-min) and Choi Hye-ryung (Kim So-eun) who wants to be his wife.

Hye-ryung serving ‘Ghost’ since she was given to him by her cold-hearted father, the prime-minister Choi Chul-joong (Son Jong-hak), wants to be queen in order to occupy a higher position than her father. On the last episode, she mourned for the people who died for Yoon after she knew he is ‘Obscene Student’, so it attracted his attention.

In the stills, Yoon is talking with Hye-ryung seriously. Also, Hye-ryung falls into Yoon’s arms and Yoon is surprised.

This describes the forth meeting of Yoon and Hye-ryung. When they have an honest talk, they face an unexpected situation. Therefore, Hye-ryung passes out in Yoon’s arms, and he is surprised. It makes people wondering about what happens.

Actually they are enemies. Therefore, the stills excite people’s curiosity about what kind of changes would come to their relationships by this ‘fainting hug’ and how the story would move on.

Meanwhile, the 11th episode of ‘Scholar who walks the night’ will be aired at 10 pm tonight.






English News by GET IT K (GET IT K Han Jihee, Photo by Content K, English Translation by Jin Kim),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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