[VID/Trans/Trend] 150807 SMTOWN THE STAGE (Boy’s Day BTS + Unpublished Video)


SMTOWN THE STAGE [ Boy’s Day – Behind The Scenes ]:


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[Translation Regarding Changmin’s Performance]


YH: it was a fun performance, and above anything, the audience liked it. If I were to choose between them, I would say Changmin did the best. I think he brought out the point of the choreo well. I think he practiced the most, Changmin.
KH: “Should we cross dress? You’ve Continue reading

[INFO] 150806 Premium Screenings of「Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2015 WITH」on its Release Day (08/19) is Decided!

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In celebration of the release of 「Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2015 WITH」on its LIVE DVD&Blu-ray  on 08/19, premium screenings are to be held on the same day in the 5 cities that Tohoshinki visited for their WITH 5 Dome Tour.

【List of theaters】
Tokyo: United Cinemas in Toyosu
Osaka: Namba Parks Cinema
Aichi: 109 Cinemas Nagoya Continue reading