[VID/Partial Trans] 150811「I Order You -The Movie-」Yunho’s Commentary and Movie Trailer





Partial Translation by @joeylfy:

  • Last part of Yunho’s cmmt in #IOY Theater trailer “So this has been TOHOSHINKI.. Not. The amateur actor, Jung Yunho”


The Drama Japanese Official Website is now Open: http://iorderyou.jp/




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[News-STARCAST] 150811 TVXQ! MAX’s First Historical Drama! It’s Hard but He is Doing Well

“I am the Crown Prince Lee Yoon.”
TVXQ! MAX playing a role of character Crown Prince ‘Lee Yoon’ who has majestic force and eyes at issuing MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’! As the story develops he is showing stunning acts as an actor Shim Chang-min rather than TVXQ!’s MAX on the stage. I have visited drama shooting site to meet Crown Prince ‘Lee Yoon’ on a hot day reached 35 degrees of sensory temperature. Shall we have a look how would he looks like at the shooting site?
Today’s shooting held with Shim Chang-min’s grandfather in the drama, ‘Hyeon Jo’ Lee Soon-jae. Lee Soon-jae giving advice to Chim Chang-min about acting before actual shooting and Lee Yoon’s eyes looking at Lee Soon-jae; he’s so serious, right? That makes us smile like mom by looking at him. Lee Yoon is doing his best because of those senior actors in the shooting site looking at him with friendly eyes.

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[Twitter/VID] 150811 Changmin Briefly in SMTOWN Artists Promotional Message for “SMTOWN THE STAGE” (Out on 150813)


The movie to be released in Korean theaters on 8/13 for two weeks (until 8/26), while the Japanese release will reach the theaters on 8/29.


Changmin appeared very briefly here, click on the tweet to play the video:





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[INFO] 150811「 Order You -The Movie-」has been Confirmed on Cinema Screens in Japan For Two Weeks (9/26~)

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  • 「 Order You -The Movie-」Bigeast Members Exclusive Pre-Ticket Sale: 1,800 Yen (tax incl), fr 8/28 12 noon JST~
  • This theater version includes edited cuts from EP1 ~ EP4 of I Order You drama series & video interview with YUNHO
  • will be in theater for 2 wks fr 9/26
  • Official Site: (http://iorderyou.jp/{p/n: Opens on 8/11 (Tuesday) 17:00~}
  • Pre-sale: (http://l-tike.com/fc-prereserve/)



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[NEWS] 150811 A Tohoshinki Special to be Broadcast on Yunika Vision! Win “Surprise Presents” with your Smartphone!


A Tohoshinki Special on Yunika Vision at Seibu-Shinjuku Station broadcast has been decided!




Explanation of target program “Tong Vfang Xien Qi” feature during campaign period


11 song performances will be aired for two weeks, from the Memorial Concert of
the 10th anniversary of their debut in Japan!


Total Broadcast Period : August 17th-August 30th, 2015
■Broadcast period
Campaign Period: August 17th-August 23th, 2015
■Transmission time
10:00am 12:00pm 2:00pm 4:00pm 6:00pm 8:00pm
duration is 28minutes
※Times are subject to change without notice
■From the Concert Footage 「Tong Vfang Xien Qi LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~」 at TOKYO DOME
【Song List】
1.Refuse to lose
2.Why? [Keep Your Head Down]
3.DIRT Continue reading