[VID/Partial Trans] 150731 GyaO! – Tohoshinki 「With Love LIVE TOUR 2015 WITH Documentary Film」




This video will be taken down as soon as the official youtube link becomes available (probably after 8/3 4pm JST).


EDIT: Official Youtube video is now available:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e19XoMFrDWQ]




Partial Translation:


Translated by @joeylfy:

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[VID/Eng Sub] 150730 Watch Yunho’s SBS Plus Web Drama “I Order You” EP 13~16 (Finale) + 2nd NG Video~!

I Order You 01

Raw Episodes on the web drama official Channel:

  • Episode 13 (came out on 150726): here
  • Episode 14 (came out on 150727): here
  • NG Video Part 02  (came out on 150727): here
  • Episode 15 (came out on 150728): here
  • Episode 16 – Finale (came out on 150729): here



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[VID/Trans] 150731 NEW Footage of Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ DVD on JP TV News + JIJIPRESS


  • Mezamashi AQUA


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhpEQvywe-0]


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[News-Soompi] 150730 TVXQ Tops Charts in Korea, China, and Japan With “RISE AS GOD”


TVXQ Tops Charts in Korea, China, and Japan With “RISE AS GOD”

TVXQ proves that their influence is still strong, topping charts all over East Asia!

Released on July 20, the duo’s special album “RISE AS GOD” has topped theGaon album charts for the fourth week of July (July 19-25) as well as theSynnara Record weekly charts (July 20-26), proving that music fans’ interest in TVXQ’s music hasn’t waned.

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[Partial Trans] 150730 TVXQ’s Special Album Ascends to Top of Music Charts in Korea and China


  • TVXQ Rise As God GAON Alb Chart Wkly (7/19-25): #1; Synnara Wkly (7/20-26) #1
  • Yunho’s Champagne & Changmin’s Rise As One on Baidu King Wkly (7/20-26) were #1 (#Champagne), #2 (#RiseAsOne) respectively; w Komplikated, Apology, Top Of The World etc, in e top 10
  • while conquering the music charts, proving the high popularity of the top artistes, TVXQ.





Translated by @snxy: 1, 2, 3 & 4,
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[Trans] 150730 TVXQ Revealed its Thoughts about Stage, U-Know Yunho Sends a Message to EXO


This is a translation of the same article we shared its headline before.



TVXQ revealed its thoughts about the stage.

U-Know Yunho gave reassuring advice to his juniors EXO by saying, “Enjoy! Consider yourself as the protagonist/ hero and the king while on stage!”, in a video that was recently unveiled prior to ‘SMTOWN THE STAGE’ premiere.
He also showed his affection toward the stage by saying, “Where ever I go, I add my own meaning ( to myself) about being confident/ powerful on stage. I could die right here with no regrets, and therefore I am happy.”

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[Instagram] 150730 Handsome Yunho from Champagne MV with Jewelry Sponsored by STING925




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[VID/Trans] 150730 Preview of Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ DVD on JP TV News “ASADESU”


Part 1:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMs5y5V9D0g]


[cr: @kzyc_cy]




TOHOSHINKI welcomes their 10th anniversary since debut in Japan with a LIVE TOUR that has first started in Fukuoka Dome. The last day of the LIVE TOUR will be (made/recorded) into a DVD & Blu-Ray.

The title (of the LIVE TOUR), WITH has a meaning of “together with TOHOSHINKI”. Further, it also describes the ties with their fans, as well as the ties between Yunho & Changmin.


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