[Instagram/FB] 150822 Tohoshinki Staff Commenting on WITH Tour DVD and ads


Tohoshinki’s dancer Yoshiki-san on receiving WITH Live Tour DVD:




Finally watched it!! (I’m) moved!! Various memories were made.

Thank you very much for these 4yrs


Changmin’s Autograph on Scream CD:

To: Yoshiki-san Always looking out for me. Hehe. Let’s happily do our best together too from now on! ^^

{t/n: can’t read Yunho’s because of the marker colour ㅠㅠ}


[cr: Tohoshinki’s dancer Yoshiki’s Instagram (yoshikidb), Translated by @joeylfy]


Tohoshinki’s dancer Ryota Capturing Tohoshinki WITH Live Tour DVD Special on Yunika Vision Screen at Shinjuku


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A post shared by 亮太 (@ryotatheteam) on



NICE Shinjuku!


[cr: Tohoshinki’s dancer Ryota’s Instagram (ryotatheteam), Translated by @joeylfy]


Shinjiroh Inoue, a songwriter who wrote many songs for Tohoshinki posted about receiving his WITH Live Tour DVD and  @TOHO_STAN said that he says he will make many songs and to wait for Tohoshinki’s comeback

[cr: Shinjiroh Inoue, via @TOHO_STAN,]






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