[Fanacc] 160716~17 Tohoshinki were Mentioned by Label-mates in SMTown Live Tour V in Japan at Osaka Dome

Unlike every year, this SMTown Japan is the first without Tohoshinki or any of its members. Their absence was greatly felt by not just the fans, but also their label-mates. Nevertheless, they managed to deliver their feelings and even funny remarks to the venue by their label-mates as fan reported on both first days of SMTown Live Tour V in Japan at Osaka Dome:


First Day Fanaccounts (160716):


東方神起 Yunho’s “Champange” and Changmin’s “Rise as One” were heard playing before the concert started, in addition to TILL concert video ad as well [cr: @anywhere4you, @KeepSmilingTVXQ and @fuucim1029 respectively, in English via @snxy: 1, 2 and 3]




Minho: “Though it’s lonely without 東方神起 senpai today, but I think everyone is doing their best to keep up the excitement.”

Leeteuk: “I’ve met 東方神起 Yunho yesterday. He has a message for everyone. – Please wait a little longer. I will return after I have become more manly and cool.”


Kyuhyun: “Changmin has contacted me as well. He said he would like to know, in an SMTown without him, how interesting it would become.”


[cr: @SaranheMax28g: 1, 2 and 3, translated by @joeylfy]


Second Day Fanaccounts (160717):


Minho: “Really happy that so many of you have came to SMTOWN today. This year, though it’s lonely without 東方神起 senpai… But let’s get excited until the very end!”


[cr: @gra_25b, Translated by @joeylfy: 1 and 2]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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