[Changmin IG] 181111 “been a long time..😊”, Changmin with Kyuhyun and Sung Sikyung

Changmin enjoying a drink with his friend Kyuhyun and Sung Sikyung (whom Changmin supported his Japanese album via tvxq Instagram before their individual accounts)


Changmin IG:

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[Instagram] 181006 Kyuhyun Shared an Old Photo with Changmin and Siwon when they Attended his Solo Concert Back on 161029

Back on 161029, Changmin and Siwon attended Kyuhyun’s solo concert “Reminiscence of a Novelist” during their break.

Kyuhyun shared a photo with them from then, thanking them, and Changmin both liked and left a comment ^^



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[Instagram] 180805 Supportive Sunbae Changmin Backstage at Red Velvet’s Concert “REDMARE” in Seoul!

Changmin went as well to support Red Velvet on the second day of their “REDMARE” concert, which was held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul!

He was joined by other SM artists such as Key, Onew, Kyuhyun and Taeyeon!


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[Twitter/Changmin IG] 180407 Kyuhyun Opened his Instagram Thanks to Changmin + Followed each other, Changmin Left a Comment~


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[Eng Sub – @janieTVXQ/DL] 180315 TVXQ’s Changmin for tvN’s “Life Bar” EP62 (FULL)

TVXQ’s Changmin appeared on tvN’s “Life Bar” EP62 with EXO’s Xiumin and NTC’s Mark!



  • 180315 TVXQ’s Changmin for tvN’s “Life Bar” EP62 (FULL) [mp4 ;2.25 GB]: here

| UPDATE 180320: old link was taken down, so here is the new one: here |

| UPDATE 180331: a new link by the subberhere|

Please make sure to thank the translator for fully subbing this long episode so fast \ (*>ω<*)/

|EDIT: in case it was not obvious, the translator/subber is sharing this work with TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin)’s fans only, please RESPECT her wishes \(・-・)/ |



Raw by @enirtvxq: here,
KR-EN Subbed and Shared by @janieTVXQ: here (TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 180315 TVXQ’s Changmin for tvN’s “Life Bar” EP62

TVXQ’s Changmin appeared on tvN’s “Life Bar” EP62 today (22:50 KST) with EXO’s Xiumin and NTC’s Mark!

Our boy danced, cooked (he confirmed he joined a cooking school!) and played guitar! He played the KR Movie “The Classic” OST “Me To You, You To Me” [cr: via @snxy]

Many interesting stories were shared, even a cute video story of Changmin sleeping while drinking with Kyuhyun and Minho at the former’s place > w <



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