[VID] 160718 東方神起 Summer Dream as No.53 in 2016 FNS Music Festival’s 100 Best Summer Songs


On the broadcast of 2016 FNS Music Festival in Summer, a 100 Best Summer Songs List, selected by 2000 peoples, had Tohoshinki’s “Summer Dream” ranking as No.53!

A performance of their 2013 TIME Tour’s Summer Dream was shortly broadcast~



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[Trans] 160718 On Yunho and Enlisted Lee Seung-gi Visiting an Elementary School and Talking about the Ground Forces Festival

As part of a 6-week long school artwork project, 10 elementary school kids were painting four different parts of the school walls since May 27th. As the project was completed, suddenly TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Continue reading

[Compilation] 160718 Changmin with SMPA Promotions Unit for a High School Performance~


Changmin and SMPA Promotions Unit had a performance at Kyungbok Business High School on 160718 [cr: via @snxy]. Students were totally excited as they shared on SNS some of the unit performances like their Super Junior’s Oppa Oppa and Rokkugo, also Changmin’s solo cover of “Run Across The Sky” by Lee Juck, praising Changmin’s looks and smiles!

Some lucky students got to high-five or even shake hands with Changmin too~




[cr: an_chorim]



[cr: 김유리]


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