[Instagram] 161107 Yunho with Jihye at her Wedding and other Guests; Took a Special Leave to Attend~


내 #셀스타 올리면 #팔로우 -10 지만

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Spot TVXQ in the Background ;D

[cr: Yunho’s Sister Jihye (jjung_ji_hye_): 1 and 2]


[cr: Yunho’s cusin (dj_dd_)]



[cr: ladyjigi]




In a reply, OP said yunho had come out on a special leave (from the army) for his sister’s wedding~

[cr: pyj2023, Translated by @snxy]



OP said Yunho was really warm and friendly, even used honorifics with her (i.e v politeㅠ) also shook hands, and won’t wash her hand ww she had also seen changmin walk past in front of her and he was really good-looking.

[cr: takew0927, translated by @snxy]




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Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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