[PIC/Trans] 170531 Old Photo of Yunho from the THE SHILLA DUTY FREE CF Filming in 2011



OP was looking through old pictures in her hp when she found this with Yunho


The days of being a Cassiopeia, TVXQ fan in the pastㅋㅋAs it was (OP)’s first time, as a rookie, shooting as a model for an advertisement, it was really heart-thumping (excited)~~ at the time, despite having to shoot through the night at a young age, (Yunho) was undeterred and professional, his manners were good and his body length wad good ♡


The advertisement op refered too is probably the one TVXQ filmed for Shilla Duty Free in 2011 as the styling looks similar~





sjmoms at cafe naver via @TVXQ_86268818 and @Shim_Ls2v2
Translated by @snxy,
Post Writtedn and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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