[PIC/Fanacc] 170610 Yunho for the 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL (Part.2)

The 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL was held on 18:00 at Kyunghee University, Hall of Peace (for about 2000 fans)!
Yunho performed Mirotic, Mideoyo (I believe), and Why? Keep Your Head Down~
In addition, there was a surprise video message from Changmin (filmed before enlistment)!





[cr: @moteco26]



Translated by @beriko0214:

  • To everyone ♡
    Tada-ima (I am back/home) Thank you for waiting for me ♡

    [cr: @19mkt]
  • YH said it wrong, ” I want to be enlisted again” he immediately corrected himself, and he said, ” i want to go there again if I have a chance.” he slapped his mouth for a couple of times. [cr: @kuro5515]
  • When YH drew lots, he said, “Iku-wa-yo(*)!” {t/n: * let’s go or here we go in JPN, typically women’s language. Men say Iku-ze!}
    YH said he knew that he sounds cuter when he speaks JPN. In order to show his fans his matured self after he completed his military duty, he wrote his message in KOR but wondered for awhile whether he should make his message a serious or funny one. his blood type is A afterall. [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • At the venue, there were medical staffs.

    [cr: @miHanho618]
  • At cake cutting ceremony, the MC advised YH that he cut the cake at the rear side, YH tried to cut it but he could not do so well so he stabbed the cake from the top (perpendicular) [cr: @koich212]
  • YH saw his welcome back cake was delocared with ribbons, “This looks good as if we are connected/bonded”. But YH did not like YH doll sat cross‐legged on the cake and said, this looked weird! YH blew candles off as the way he used to do, he took a good inhale, puffed out his cheeks 🙂
    He tried to do the cake ceremony, he did not know that he cut the soft part (real cake) of the cake. and complained that it is too hard![cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • Because YH was not able to cut the cake, he asked to stop the BGM and said this (mishap) is the fun part of the fan meeting www MC adviced him to cut the soft part just in front of YH. YH handled his knife like a sword.. a bit scary. [cr: @bigeast1ooochan]





As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express




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