[Trans] 170627 “Admired as artistes”.. Japanese Actress Kaku Chikako’s Fan Heart Explosion on Broadcast

On the 26th live broadcast of NHK’s nationwide programme, ‘Gogonama’, Kaku Chikako mentioned Tohoshinki when talking on the topic of “things you can’t live without”.

When their video played, she said “as Yunho dances really well, it’s sexy” as she watched, mesmerised, then she even said “tears were shed” when watching the clip that was full of Tohoshinki before they entered enlistment.

Additionally, she revealed her affection for Tohoshinki, saying “I admire them as artistes. When I look at Tohoshinki, with their clean image, I also think that I have to stand on stage with an honest and upright appearance.
Regardless of age or nationality, they are handsome.”

In particular, with regards to Tohoshinki’s appeal, she drew attention, saying, “firstly, it’s their physical beauty, secondly, it’s a feeling of refreshment, thirdly, it’s their upright image.”

At her appearance, Japanese fans responded in kind, “I also feel the same,” “one of the few people who speak about Tohoshinki’s appeal broadcast”, “thank you for talking about Tohoshinki”.

Separately, Kaku Chikako is known for being an ardent fan that normally bringing up Tohoshinki without fail, whenever she appears on broadcast.





MyDaily via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express



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