[VID] 180816 Japanese Actress Kaku Chikako Mentioned Tohoshinki in a Quiz about What Brings her Happiness, Broadcast on “NONSTOP!”

Japanese Actress Kaku Chikako is known for being a huge Tohoshinki fan. So in a quiz on “NONSTOP!” related to what makes them happy, she did not fail to mention them ^^*


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[PIC/VID] 171202 WOWOW’s Tohoshinki Special with Celebrities Bigeasts Kurosawa and Kaku Chikako!

On Tohoshinki’s corner on “WOWOW Fuyu no 12-jikan Muryou Housou! (WOWOW 冬の12時間無料放送!)”, the celebrities Bigeasts Morisanchuu’s Kurosawa Kazuko and Kaku Chikako representing Tohoshinki fans~

The special includes video comments from Tohoshinki~


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[VID/Trans] 170626 Tohoshinki fan, Actress Kaku Chikako, Talks on What she Likes about them on NHK

This was from her appearance on Japan’s national TV: NHK’s “GOGO NAMA” segment “Oshaberi Biyori”

when you see her as she watches their performance previews in the first clip, she is indeed a fan~ > w <



(Partially) Translation:

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[VID] 170311 Kaku Chikako Talked about being a Tohoshinki Fan and Admiring their Good Manners~

In BS Asahi TV Program 『ザ・インタビュー』(The Interview) episode on 170311, Japanese actress Kaku Chikako talked about being a big Tohoshinki fan and their charming points! She pointed out their bowing manner when thanking fans at their lives~

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[VID/Trans] 170305 JP Actress Kaku Chikako Talks about How she Become a Tohoshinki fan~

In Fuji TV’s ウチくる⁉︎ or Uchi Kuru!? (Come to “My Home Sweet Home”) episode on 170305 with Kaku Chikako, she mentioned how she become a fan of Tohoshinki after seeing them in 2011’s kouhaku~



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[Trans] 160426 Actress Kaku Chikako Mentions Tohoshinki Again, this Time on JP Radio Show “GOGO RADIO”




On NHK’s long radio program “ゴゴラジ”, Kaku Chikako-san said that 東方神起 Suri Suri is her “Love Music”. They talked about the T penlight too! She was waving it during the song together with the hosts.



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[VID/Partial Trans] 160422 Actress Kaku Chikako, the Bigeast, Brought her Tohoshinki Goods on NHK’s Asaichi~





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Partial Translations:

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[PIC] 160412 Actress Kaku Chikako Talks about 東方神起 in the Upcoming Issue of JP Magazine “Fujin Koron”

From JP morning newspapers, other than the Tohoshinki TILL ad, there was an ad of  the upcoming issue of JP magazine “Fujin Koron”, featuring an interview of Japanese actress Kaku Chikako (a Tohoshinki fan)!

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