[Support] General Guide to #TVXQ! Songs Stream and Download on MelOn

Here is a general guide to how to stream and download TVXQ upcoming songs on MelOn.

Streaming songs refers to playing the full songs (not the previews) on the respective chart’s app or website with no downloads. The ranking system in the Korean digital charts considers both of the streaming and downloading with varying percentages (e.g. MelOn considers 60% on Downlonds and 40% on Streaming).

MelOn chart is of a great importance, that is why you will often see tutorials on how to make an account there and purchase a streaming pass. Therefore, we are posting about it~

Special thanks to @snxy for her general guide here (*^▽^*)! This post will refer to it, as well as our own experience.


There are four main steps required: downloading the app/s, making accounts, purchasing the passes, and streaming/downloading.


1) Download the apps

Remember first that korean apps such as MelOn and Genie are not be available but on Korean stores in iOS and Android devices. So to download them, you would need to do the following:

  • For iOS devices: {p/n: tested by us}
    • Simply change the “country/region” of your apple ID at the store to Korea (대한민국).
    • You may be prompted to change the billing address to one in Korea (especially the postcode), so you could then put any random ones you find. e.g. Cheongdamdong, Seoul postcode 135-100. You could keep your phone number or use a random one such as +82 10xxxx xxxx.
    • Download the MelOn app: here.

If you were using a gift card and you had some credits left, you will not be able to switch the country unless you spend all the credit.
(If it is not enough to buy anything at your current store, you could contact apple store to get rid of the credits you have. Once they remove them it does not seem that you can ask for them back, though).

Or simple create a new Apple ID.

  • For Android devices:
    • Choice 1: using the akp {p/n: not tested by us}
      • Download the latest MelOn apk at your phone (for example: here or here {p/n: we can’t guarantee their safety})
      • Change setting to allow install from unknown sources: setting>lock screen and security> Unknown sources (allow)
      • Find downloaded file and install.
      • Note: this process may or may not be safe.
    • Choice 2: download it directly but using a Korean VPN  {p/n: tested by us}
      • Make a Korean google account (i.e. choose the country as South Korea)
      • Download a VPN app to allow you to change your internet connection location to South Korea (e.g. ExpressVPN).
      • Add the Korean google account to the accounts in your device (You can keep the other accounts. Others suggest deleting them and only keeping the Korean).
      • Force stop the Play Store.
      • Use the VPN app to connect to a Korean VPN.
      • Open Play Store and access it with your Korean google account (you do not need a payment method so skip if prompted)
      • Download the MelOn app: here.

2) Making accounts

For MelOn, making an account could be easily done using a kakaotalk account, so we suggest you make one first.

You can find a tutorial here by @snxy on how to make the MelOn account.

Kakaotalk is an app that you can download in most stores, not just the Korean.

After you sign in using youe Kakaotalk account, you can always create a username and a password to use for direct log in (instead of the kakaotalk log in option).


3) Purchasing a pass

For Android users, this step can not be done currently for non-Koreans. You would need the help of someone with an iOS device.

For iOS devices, to purchase a pass:

  • In the app you click at the ticket-like icon on the top saying “이용권” .
  • If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to sign in.
  • The available four streaming passes will be displayed (a pass seems to last for 30 days):
    • Streaming (Unlimited) for $10.99
    • Streaming (Unlimited) and 30 MP3 Downloads for $15.39
    • Streaming (Unlimited) and 50 MP3 Downloads for $17.59
    • Streaming (Unlimited) and 100 MP3 Downloads for $26.69
  • Choose your desired one and complete the purchase using your apple store account (surely it has to be the same one used to download the app, otherwise it will refuse the transaction)
  • If you can afford it, we recommend the passes that include mp3 downloads, since they allow you to help with the downloads.

This method has worked (e.g. illustrated by @snxy: here), but we are still in the process of testing it.

Below are some notes on our findings so far:

  • It seems there are no iTunes gift cards for the Korean App store, so you would need a credit card to purchase the pass.
  • We found online some other group fans saying it works for them to switch back (after app download) to their country store then use an iTunes gift card of their store to purchase a pass. However, that was a one-year old post and we can’t guarantee it works.
  • We found that some credit cards work even if the billing address is changed (e.g. when you switch to Korean store) as it could buy some random paid Korean apps. Still, some cards may not work.
  • We found that sometimes this method may not work because the account or iOS device may have an issue with inapp purchases, so you may contact apple support (Don’t! they may disable your account) or try your account on another iOS device.


4) Streaming/Downloading

Once again, there is a tutorial on how to stream effectively by @snxy: here and here.

For the current comeback, it is suggested that international fans coordinate with the Korean fans in terms of streaming and downloading, e.g.:

  1. When the track comes out at 6pm (KST), focus on streaming first.

  2. Start downloading from 6:20pm (KST), as downloading contributes 60% to MelOn chart ranking.

AFTER download, playing the downloaded track DOES NOT COUNT to streaming. Delete downloaded track from playlist (it will have an mp3 logo next to it), search again for the track and add to play.

[cr: @TV2XQminnie via @snxy: here]





If you succeeded with installing the apps but buying passes did not work with you, then remember to become a fan of TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin on MelOn (just search for TVXQ or (U-Know) or (MAX) and click on the ⭐️ when they appear to you, as illustrated by @snxy: here).


Also, remember that you could always stick to the methods that should work with everyone such as YouTube/V Live streaming, and (if you could afford it) iTunes downloads.



We are T!

TVXQ! Express




5 thoughts on “[Support] General Guide to #TVXQ! Songs Stream and Download on MelOn

  1. Thank you so much! Follow every step from your instruction and I succeeded to download melon app. I’m a non-korean android user. I couldn’t buy a pass but I did be fan of TVXQ. TT^TT


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