[Trans] 170926 “NO Mysticism”.. Thank You Very Much for the TVXQ “Spoilers Feast”

Please make sure to thank the translator for her amazing translation of this long article \ (*・ω・*)/

 “NO mysticism”.. thank you very much for the TVXQ “spoilers feast”

This is xsportsnews’ corner where stars’ moves are interpreted and analysed in a subjective manner. To stars with good records, via a “Switch ON”, there will be a gift of a ‘spotlight’. However, rather than carrots, for stars that need a stick, via a “Switch OFF”, they will be sharply rebuked. <Editor’s Note>

Even without applying to fans, a mass of “TVXQ spoilers” are coming down
The 4th week of September is “TVXQ Week”. U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin’s solo tracks would be released and so would the unfolding of their first stage in a long where they would be together. Also, with news of TVXQ’s variety show appearances coming out, fans’ hearts are beating in anticipation.

Actually, for idol groups who get appraised as ‘top stars’ like TVXQ, usually they refrain from appearing on variety shows or tend not to have frequent opportunities for interaction with fans. Although it is also a matter of their schedules, it is also because it was not allowed for them to break the mysticism that was caused by the consumption of an unnecessary image.

Nevertheless, there is only delight at TVXQ’s vigorous activities.

In the past, in TVXQ’s case, as they had a tight overseas schedule in Japan and others, it was a fact that it was tough for them to get close to local fans and the general public. Due to that, TVXQ became top stars, K-POP emperors that got unintentionally shrouded in a veil.

With this, to welcome TVXQ Week, TVXQ has lifted the regret from the above-mentioned. Simply, it is a “spoilers feast” that is being unfurled.

First of all, TVXQ has recently completed recording for KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3”. Though they might have been nervous about appearing on a variety programme after a long time, They have said they talked better than expected, with even Yoo Jaesuk caught by surprise, complimenting them with “Were you all originally this fun?”

Following that, TVXQ would also be going to JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers’ and “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”. First, in the case of “Knowing Brothers”, including Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soogeun, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and others would tease guests and put them in awkward situations, so there is already anticipation gathering on how TVXQ would be like, facing similar critical moments. In particular, there is interest as to the kind of big “explosive comments” that Kim Heechul who had been trainees together with U-Know Yunho would make.

“Let’s Eat Dinner Together” shows the real process of celebrities themselves going to find citizens to have a mea together. For this, even top stars would have to undergo “humiliation”, and for the two people who are known as ‘K-POP’s Emperors”, fans’ curiosity is even higher.

TVXQ has also attracted attention with their Naver VLIVE broadcasts which have recently become part of an idol’s indispensable course. Normally, in the case of a VLIVE, idol groups utilise it to expand their fandom, but for TVXQ who would have debuted for 14 years this year, the fact that this was their first time since debut that they have started doing such a live broadcast as mentioned above, is by itself, surprising.

It doesn’t stop here. At 10pm on the upcoming 28th as well, there would be a charismatic live “TVXQ’s Eating Together!” scheduled to take place. Sure enough, there is anticipation gathering as to how funny/weird* the two people would be, or how candid they would present themselves as.

TVXQ are singers who have made their name through their music and performances. Although their entertainment is good, and so is their lives (t/n: concerts), for now, it is about the new songs and those stages. As of now, with the release of his recent new song, “DROP’, U-Know Yunho has gained an explosive reaction. Through the SMP (SM Music Performance) genre, giving off flashy and manly charms, U-Know Yunho’s appearance has evoked admiration.

On the 28th, Choikang Changmin’s solo track, “여정(In A Different Life)” which is scheduled to be released, is an acoustic pop song with a warm atmosphere. With Choikang Changmin personally writing the lyrics for it, it is filled with a thankful heart and a message of promise of bright days together ahead, to loved ones. While emphasising on the contrasting look to U-Know Yunho, these are songs that affirm the fact that TVXQ is able to express a diverse spectrum musically.

On the 30th and the 1st of October as well, TVXQ would be holding the ‘TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT” at Seoul Songpa-gu’s Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. Following the sale of their solo tracks, the moment where the two people would be on stage together would finally take place, and is expected to mark the climax of TVXQ Week.

After that, starting from the 11th of November, they would be going to Sapporo, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya on their large-scale 5 city dome tour in Japan, holding a total of 14 concerts and pulling about 650,000 concert-goers. Their new album is predicted to be out early next year. At their recent Asia (press) tour, Choikang Changmin had given notice, saying that “although it would be nice to present themselves to fans as quickly as possible, they wanted more to present an output that would not be disappointing.





엑스포츠뉴스 via naver,
Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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