[Trans] 171101 On the Three Reasons to Watch Meloholic on Mobile Ep 1-5 Everyday for the 1st Week~


In addition, these are the three reasons for why when one enjoys the cross-platform drama “Meloholic” on mobile, it would be better.

# Optimised flow, Immersion UP by appreciating it on mobile 

“Meloholic” is meeting viewers first by airing in advance exclusively on SK Broadband’s premium video service, ‘oksusu’ before it airs on TV. It will differ from the TV version by being in episodes of 20 mins each, with a total of 25 episodes. By enjoying it on mobile, it is expected that there will be optimum flow and by being made up of daily episodes in the first week, through immersion, (the viewer) will be made to naturally sink into it.

# Privately (able to watch) whenever wherever

“Meloholic” is a drama that can be watched simultaneously on TV and mobile at the same time through OCN Romance Channel and premium video service provider, ‘oksusu’. For the busy modern-day person who does not even have time to watch TV at home, regardless of time or place, the watching of (this format of) video anytime anywhere through the app, definitely matches (his/her) lifestyle pattern. There is also the advantage of where not just local fans, but also overseas fans in different timezones, who are unable to watch the main broadcast would be able to enjoy it as well. {t/n: Viki is a US-based video service that will be airing it. Broadcasts via various cable/video providers in Japan (confirmed), and other continents have been formalised (details not confirmed yet)}

# Everyday at 10 am in the morning, for 5 days daily in the first week, ‘Caution: Addictive’ ‘

Kicking off with “Meloholic”’s first episode on the 1st at 10am, for the first week, until episode 5, can be appreciated daily for the first week; a strategy meant to capture the hearts of viewers from an early stage. After that, with the main broadcast on OCN(every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm on OCN from Nov 6th) , it is expected that as “Meloholic” depicts, (viewers) would be made to fall in love with the addictive love fantasy.

repeated details omitted.





enews24 via naver,
Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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