[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for JP Magazine “ViVi” – January Issue 2018 (Released 171122) (FULL)

Tohoshinki were on the cover of Japanese Magazine ViVi – January Issue 2018 (release 171122), with an 8-page long interview and photoshoot. You can pre-order your copy now from Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well).

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating yet another precious interview \ (*´ω`*)/




Now and Forever
Our future
The thoughts that were kept deep in their hearts/minds are now flooding. How they feel about each other, their gratitude to their fans, music and fashion, Tohoshinki now and future are all covered in this interview.



Perhaps it was the time given by God for them to test/evaluate love. The two were separated for two years. Their fans could not see the two of them singing and dancing together. No matter how successful they are, no matter how much they are blessed with glorious happiness, in a magnificent story of stars, they always face some challenges.

Things that have always existed around them disappeared all at once. Have you had a chance to imagine the situation like that? Of course, when they put all activity of Tohoshinki as the two into hiatus, they knew for sure that they would come back at some point. They can meet again each other some day. They are bonded at their hearts. However, they must have felt loneliness or they worried about future on occasions.

The two were destined to keep shining. Before this interview, I was concerned about only one thing. That is to what extent, were they able to restore their luster, and trust and love for each other when they resumed their activities? But the two appeared in the studio that day were much more gorgeous and they were powerful yet gentle and humorous, polite and witty. They made me realized how mature they have become after overcoming challenges that were given by God. They were radiating happiness because they were able to talk about their future together.

It was YH who said cheerfully in clear voice, “Nice to meet you today!” and greeted us when he came into the room. He was quite dashing and the presence of him refreshed the air in the studio as soon as he came in. Behind Yunho, Changmin was bending bows and smiling to staffs, and they headed to the dressing room. Yunho was passing by at a courtly pace, whereas Changmin was rather hasty but he had a twinkle in his big eyes.

Their movements during the photoshoot were also quite different. Yunho was eager to make different poses, whereas Changmin adjusted his pose to match the best with Yunho’s. Yunho placed his head at around Changmin’s heart, Changmin rested his chin on Yunho’s shoulder. Changmin seldom smiled while shooting his solo cuts, but when he was with Yunho, he spontaneously broke into a smile. They were not flirting to each other. They were not trying to appeal us how close they are. But during the photoshoot session, I certainly and strongly felt their mutual trust.

To look back the two years of hiatus, Changmin said, “I missed everything.”
CM: I missed everything. Shooting, recording, live tour.. those things that I took for granted before.. I couldn’t help missing them. But there was nothing for me to do beside waiting and let time pass…(smile wryly). For the first time since I moved myself away from those things that I had poured myself in, I finally realized how “setsu-jitsu”=significant/essential singing and dancing are to me.

Perhaps Changmin writes lyrics, those words he chose, yet unconsciously, are sometimes very emotional ones. He can’t help missing…”setsu-jitsu”=significant/essential.. he used those expression and words. I do not believe that many Japanese use those words/expressions without hesitation in their daily lives. Initially, Changmin was not able to pronounce “setsu-jitsu” well and he said “se-jyu-tsu?”. A staff helped him and said, “setsu-jitsu”. Changmin was happy to hear that, snapped his fingers and said, “That is right, setsu-jitsu.”.

Yunho resumed his solo activity four months earlier than Changmin. Yunho chose the word, “duo” to express the activity of the two of them. Duo is based on “di” it means two in Greek. Two is the smallest unit where human being creates society. Because duo means two bodies, one can call the other as his/her “partner” or “buddy”. Because they are duo, their relationship becomes closer and more intense.

YH: I started with my solo activity before Changmin was discharged. But to be honest with you, I continued to wait for Changmin during the period too. When Changmin came back and we resumed TOHOSHINKI’s activities by taking photoshoot of the album cover as a duo, I was so thrilled because I knew we’ll begin again.

A new album was released before their long-waited five Dome tour. 40 songs that are included in “Fine Collection~Begin Again~” are selected from all their singles and albums released previously. Among them, three songs were newly recorded. About this album, YH said,
YH: We discussed and selected songs which we kept wishing to include and those that our fans love. It was important, of course, to select songs that are cherished by our fans, but we wanted to show everyone that TOHOSHINKI has matured in our vocals.
CM: We selected songs not just those that people loves at our live concert but also those that we wish all of you listen to.. we wish to convey such our thoughts through some of our songs.. those songs are our messages to you all.

I listened to their new album and realized that how good their ballads are. Perhaps the style of “duo” is suited to express not only love and emotions between man and woman but also passions between human beings. When their vocals blend in, when their vocals exhibit beautiful contrasts, or when their vocals keep their roles, yet support each other, you can feel love in many different forms have become one. Yunho says that he feels differently when he sings a love ballad now and five years ago.
YH: I guess I have aged and my thoughts on love relationships have changed. I think my theory of life has more established. So even I sing the same song, the lyrics gets to my heart a lot more deeper. Therefore, I feel that love songs are much more suited to TOHOSHINKI now than in old days (laugh). I may sound a bit arrogant by saying so, but I really feel this way. Back then, I sang love songs with my pure heart. I think that is good too. But right now, I can sing songs to reflect my passion and feelings. When I re-read lyrics these days, something clicks in my heart.. I guess we have a lot of great songs.

One of newly re-recorded songs is Bolero. This song was released in 2009. It seemed to be a difficult song for two people to sing as it is a very complicated and challenging song. But the product is so suited to the current TOHOSHINKI and they sounded more mature. Especially, Changmin recorded the song right after being discharged, but his high tone vocal was perfect and his ability to convey emotions through his vocal has improved a lot.
CM: I did not take vocal lessons but during these two years, I had a lot of times to think about things alone. Yunho just mentioned earlier but I agree with him that we might have matured as a person. Indeed, habit is a bit scary thing, when I had some free time, out of the blue, I heard TOHOSHINKI music in my head and I danced to that. Ah, I did not dance to the extent that I did on stage.. but just a bit so that no one noticed that I was doing so (laugh). It is more like my habit. Whenever I have free time, I naturally check choreography.. it is in my bone (laugh). Music as well as dance.. my life had been full with activities of TOHOSHINKI, so when I was away from these activities, I realized how important these activities are to me… I took them for granted before .

Yunho continued..
YH: During these two years, my responsibility towards TOHOSHINKI has become much more stronger. The name of TOHOSHINKI is not just for the two of us. Our fans have supported us and this fact is most important to us. About our tour, we goes on tour with the same program at each venue, but for someone, it may be the once in the life time event, and the person made time and saved her/his money and he/she must be looking forward to our concert very much. While we were in hiatus, I read letters from our fans a lot. It helped me to realize how much our fans love us. There is a precious/an indispensable relationship in between TOHOSHINKI and our fans. Therefore, from now on, I want to continue to walk along with everyone and I guess I should say that I need to walk along with everyone. I strongly feel this way right now.

To support these words, Changmin feels that Yunho has become even more passionate than before in these two years.
CM: Yunho has been working out and has shed some weight. He was good looking/cool in the past but these days he has been more stylish. And he was passionate before but he has been passionate even more (laugh).
Then, Yunho said, in return to the complement that Changmin just gave to him,
YH: I think Changmin has become more gentle. Of course, I am saying this in a good sense. He has some masculine part but at the same time he has some gentle/soft part. When I worked with him for the first time after the hiatus, I thought “Ah, I love the way Changmin is now.”

YH then talked about how passionate he was,
YH: Of course, I get passionate easily about how I express my feelings/thoughts. But these days I don’t think too much/deep as the way I used to do. The responsibility that I feel towards TOHOSHINKI has grown bigger but about myself, I may be a bit more relaxed/not too tense anymore. I had tried all my best to run, to look up, in order to touch everyone’s heart/inspire everyone. Right now, the principle is the same, but I feel that we need to love each other at first. We just resumed our activity, and I’ve started to realize that we pushed ourselves too hard in the past.. We got carried away so we did not realize that.. but on occasion, people around us did ask us, “Aren’t you pushing yourself a bit too hard?” (laugh). Right now, I feel that we can slow down a little bit but I am confident that we can still reach to the place where we want to be in the future. I want to take some time for that.

After he said that, he continued,
YH: Well, I have not talked about this much (in other interviews), but to be honest with you, I really feel this way now. It is not that we’ll change the way we have been. I just had some change in my mind.
His smile was honest. He has matured and seemed to have emotional leeway in his life now.

In contrast to Yunho who were back nearly 6 months ago and had some solo activities, Changmin has a lot of things to work on, such as singing, choreography, and Japanese.

CM: Especially dance.. when I saw our video for the first time after the hiatus, “Wow, we danced something like that…” as if I was watching someone else’s dance (smile wryly). But once I started to practice dancing, unconsciously my body started to move. A little while ago, I told you that when I have some free time, I have a habit to check choreography sequence. But I realized that my body still remembers choreography sequences. In addition, when I listened to these songs, I was amazed like “Wow, we have so many songs recorded.” (laugh). On top of that every song is rich. I remember that we worked hard on details and these are unforgettable experiences for me.

After resuming his activity, Yunho was amazed that he could remember singing, dance choreography and Japanese without much hustle.
YH: Of course, I am not perfect in all these things so I continue to work harder. But I was really surprised to find myself being able to speak Japanese with Japanese staffs, even though I did not study much in these two years. Right now, I immediately remember which words/phrases to use in my head, but it takes some extra time to speak out. However, the time lag is certainly getting shorter.

Changmin kept his journal/diary in Japanese to keep up his Japanese.
CM: Actually, I did not write in Japanese not too often (smile wryly). But I did try sometimes. I could not remember Katakana and it was difficult (laugh).

Since their comeback, they re-recorded three songs out of their previously released songs. I asked them how they feel about the other’s vocal, and I got interesting answers.
CM: YH’s vocal in principle masculine and powerful.. but this time.. how can I say this.. he is more relaxed and sings naturally (w/o any force or too much emotion), rather simple vocal.. but that gives his vocal more depth with many layers of feelings/passion and i love that very much. When we were re-recording, I heard his vocal through monitor and I really felt this way.
YH: Everyone tells me the best part of CM’s vocal is he can hit high notes. But personally I think the very special part of his vocal is when he sang the low notes whispering. That is only CM can do and I feel that these days this part has become more clear/vivid/distinct.

Although their types of vocal are quite different, sometimes Yunho was asked by others who get confused about Yunho’s part as Changmin’s and they ask him, “Is it Changmin who sings this part?”
YH: I have not talked about this much in the past, but I get this kind of question quite often (laugh). I guess, our vocals have a lot of similarity. I am influenced by the vocal style of Changmin who takes the main vocal part, so sometimes I sing a song in the similar fashion. I guess the vocal style of TOHOSHINKI is a mixture of similar and distinct parts so duo is miraculous and fascinating. In principle, we have assigned roles but sometime we switch roles or we share the same role. A little while ago, I performed TVXQ song by myself and I experienced something very interesting. While rehearsing the song, it was so hard for me to sing Changmin’s part and I thought “wow Changmin’s vocal range is so high!” But through singing the song that was written for the both of us all by myself, I understood my partner much better. Further, I noticed that at some moment, I was trying to mimic Changmin’s gestures, unconsciously. Because I watch him all the time right next to him, somehow Changmin’s spirit entered into me (laugh). I enjoyed that very much. I should be clear though, it was not intended! Totally unconscious act of mine (laugh)!
CM: I was watching Yunho’s performance through a monitor in KOR. While I was watching, I sent him series of messages like “you are so cool!” “you are so cool!” “you are so cool!” (laugh).
CM recalled the time happily.

As per Yunho, even they resumed their activities together, he receives, “rather nice mails” from Changmin.
YH: For example, if I send him a message like, “Changmin, we had a really hard schedule, today. But we did our best! Let’s do our best together again tomorrow!” Then he replies to me, like “I hope you are not too tired. Take it easy! I was able to work hard today because you were with me!” something like that (laugh). Until two years ago, we had been together all the time, so we did not exchange e-mails or text messages. But once we had to be apart, we realized the importance of each other. So I guess we want to share how we feel more often.
CM: One waits for another. I do not think that we can take this for granted.
Changmin who said so, feels much deeper love towards fans, staffs who waited for him but more than anyone else, to Yunho, his partner and Changmin wanted to tell them his honest feelings. And at this moment, the future of TOHOSHINKI that the two of them envisioned has synchronized.

Up to now, we heard from them about passionate and deep stories concerning their comeback, but ViVi is a fashion magazine so I decided to ask them about fashion. Changmin flips pages of an issue of ViVi that was placed in front of him, and whispered, “fashion…” and buried his head into his hands. On the other hand, Yunho was checking the magazine intensely and said, “everyone looks cute.” with full of smile. I said, “Previously, when I interviewed you, I remember Changmin-san’s clothes/outfits were really great.”
CM: Really? I don’t think…
and he looked confused.
Then Yunho immediately said (to support Changmin),
YH: Changmin dresses differently in Japan and in Korea. When he is in Japan, he dress casually in private because he is busy rehearsing. But in Korea, he wears a top in pastel color like a college student… something like that. He wears simple clothes with some spice and I think that he has a good taste in fashion.

What is your favorite girl’s fashion?
CM: Is it okay to talk about my favorite kind? To be honest with you, I do not like large pierces/earrings or large jewelries/accessories. Sorry. When I see the large heavy earrings, I get scared perhaps they will split earlobes (smile wryly). If I had to choose, then, I like feminine dress..something like that.
Yunho says he likes simple but stylish clothes.
YH: Like coat and pants .. quite simple but spice up the look with color.. I like something like that. For my clothes in private, I tend to choose clothes with some spice.
Then Yunho shouted, with a bit of naughty boy’s tone,
YH: But I love pajamas the best!
CM: Of course, everyone loves pajamas!
When we talked something casual, they talk like two brothers and it was amusing.

My last question to them was “When do you feel that life is beautiful?”
Yunho answered immediately,
YH: For me, it is on stage. When we sang and danced in front of everyone after the hiatus, I felt really great. Of course, I had worries and some pressure but as soon as I saw everyone in front of me, all my pressure and fear disappeared and I regained my confidence that I could show everything that I have to them.

Changmin watched Yunho talking something that marvelous in total respect… he said, “For me..”
CM: For me, after I am done working and come home.. I take shower and have a drink while listening to music. When I reward myself who worked really hard that day… I feel that life is beautiful (laugh).

For two years, that is not short at all, they spent time for caring about each other, fans and staffs.. and they also thought about their music. In these two years, their love to each other was tested but they overcame the challenge like this and came back with bigger and stronger person. They shine the light on loving future of all the people who had waited for them. Where they should be, where fans should be are all in their live concerts. I am very sure that their songs of happiness will shine and echo beautifully there-.


{t/n: Thanks to @MM7608, I started to translate ViVi interview.. i don’t know how to explain this to you all but JPN adjectives that the interviewer used are a bit over the top.. and I’m finding it so difficult to translate them. well, what i was trying to say is that i am just a translator (not professional and not trained) and literally i’m translating the interview content word by word.. so its not me who uses those words.. hope this makes sense.}





Translated by @beriko0214: 1, 2, 3, and 4,
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