[Fanacc] 180307 TVXQ’s Recording for Mnet “I Can See Your Voice” Season 5 (Part.2)


TVXQ recorded for Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice” Season 5 on 3/7, where a total of 50 tvxq fans attended~



Translated by @snxy:

  • As Yunho wasn’t drinking water, Changmin passed over a bottle of water as if to say let’s drink water. The sight of the two of them drinking water together was really lovely [cr: @soonjeong_tvxq]




JP-EN Translated by @clefaire

  • Leeteuk: ‘regarding the upcoming TVXQ’s concept, idk whether it’s ok to express it like this but it’s ~really sexy~’ [cr: @TVXQ_Laugher, KR-JP Translated by @iruka0206]
  • After the break ended, Changmin re entered and Cassiopeia were cheering so loud www Changmin was laughing embarrassedly, lowered his head and shaking it.

    Too cute ;;;;;; [cr: @MyspringT, KR-JP Translated by @Shim_Ls2v2]

  • Yunho was easily influenced by other people’s words that his opinion often changed and the MC said that his ear is thin (Korean idiom); Changmin teased Yunho that Yunho could fly with his ears while jokingly flapped his hands toward his ears 😂 [cr: @MyspringT, KR-JP Translated by @iruka0206]
  • As TVXQ entered, fans were bombing them with lots of question; is the comeback really on 28th? Will it be a concert in April? What 2154 even mean? Pls do a pupan (shoot while sleeping) vlive! Did Changmin really went to cooking class? Leeteuk: sorry but this isnt a fanmeeting..😂 [cr: @jjfukura]
  • At the end they took a group photo with fans, and Yunho said ‘after this we will give it to the official. Changmin and I have our own (SNS) but I think it will be better if it is uploaded on the official’ [cr: @020630, KR-JP Translated by @iruka0206]




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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