[Highlight] 180305 Article on TVXQ’s Effect on JEJU air with the High Ticket Sales and Limited Goods Selling Out on First Day~


On the marketing effect of TVXQ on Jeju Air- even tho they only had Jpn-route in-flight limited goods, these were sold out on the first day of sales; sales of tickets also were high because people were booking Jeju Air in order to get their related goods. Continue reading

[Yunho IG] 180305 Yunho’s Video Driving at Night Yesterday Singing Perfectly: #a rainy day #singing practice #doll


It seems like he was with pisione_ yesterday, who also posted a similar video (except that was recorded early in the morning today)!

It sounds like a recorded video, but our boys are CDShinki, so it’s no surprise to know he was just singing along so perfectly, probably even for Mideoyo~ ㅠㅠ

Check out video below:


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[Highlights] 180305 #TVXQ Comeback on 03/28; Album to Include Songs of Various Genres Showcasing their Performance and Singing Skills


  • TVXQ’s new album will be released on the 28th. They are also preparing for concerts in early April
  • The new album is said to include songs of various genres that would showcase their distinctive performance and outstanding singing skills. In particular, TVXQ which’ll be marking their 15th year since debut this year, is scheduled to have full-on activities both locally and internationally as the leader of K-pop

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[Instagram] 180305 pisione_ Shared Photos of a Meal at the Sushi Restaurant Yunho went to + Audio of Yunho’s Mideoyo


pisione_, whom Yunho is following on Instagram, has just shared photos of the same restaurant whose photos Yunho shared yesterday. pisione_ also shared a video where a studio-version recording of Yunho singing Mideoyo (I believe) can be heard {p/n: Yunho had officially performed a solo version of Mideoyo at his solo Shilla’s fan meeting last year, so it is expected that he might have had re-recording~ ^^}.

|EDIT: Yunho’s just posted a video of singing Doll tagged as a practice! It looks like our boy was singing those live! ㅠㅠ |

Since it was posted 4 hours ago, it is possible that both went together if Yunho’s photos were from yesterday~ ^^


Audio here:




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