[News-SBS Star] 180430 How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?


How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?

기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?

K-pop boy group TVXQ! exposed how it spends 72 hours from an online reality show.

On April 30, the online show ‘The 72 Hours of TVXQ!’ (literal translation) fired its start. Continue reading


[Instagram] 180430 Vitamin Yunho Teacher with a Child Back Then + Story of Another who Recognised TVXQ’s #The_Chance_of_Love After Yunho Left

Yunho with a child from when he filmed for “TVXQ’s 72 Hours”, shared by her father, and a story of another child remembering him via hearing the chance of Love, shared by their teacher~




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[Eng Sub] 180430 [TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour] Ep 01. U-Know and MAX are having their job interviews to take on different lives!

First episode of “TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour” is out! (revealed at 11AM KST)!

please send them many hearts through your v live account~

  • [TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour] Ep 01. U-Know and MAX are having their job interviews to take on different lives! : here. (English subs available)

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[Changmin IG Story] 180428 Salmon steak!!!!🍽️껍질은 바삭하게 후후🎶 👍

Changmin’s IG story update, cooking fish!


re-uploaded by us:


Salmon steak!!!!🍽
껍질은 바삭하게


KR text Translation:

the skin is crisping

[cr: Translated by @snxy]




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[Yunho/Changmin IG] 180427 “Bigeast ♥” “Thank you❤️🎂🎶🤙” #東方神起日本デビュー13周年 #TVXQ13thAnniversaryInJapan

the 27th marks Tohoshinki’s 13th anniversary! Before the day ended, Yunho first posted a photo of TBs with a T-begin tour fanlight captioned “Bigeast ♥”, then Changmin posted what fans believe to be his Toho Begin Again Tour tshirt (from I Live Alone) captioned “Thank you❤🎂🎶🤙”!
Some fans think it feels like the two captions complete one message: Bigeast, Thank you! ㅠㅠ

Congratulations to our dear TVXQ on your 13th anniversary in Japan, and thank you for these sweet posts~ ♥♥

and Happy birthday TB-chan > w <


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Bigeast ♥

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Bigeast ♥





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[INFO] 180427 WOWOW Live Broadcast of 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM」Last Day Decided!!

Beside the 75k fans attending, a live broadcast of the Nissan finale on WOWOW has been decided *_*!!
This’s so impressive! make sure you don’t miss it > w <


Title: 「Live Broadcast!東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM」

Date and time: 6/10 (Sun) at 4:55PM (JST)

Broadcast Channel: WOWOW Prime

Same as before, to stream the broadcast online officially go:

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