[Changmin IG] 180317 Changmin: “Taking a #Selca is quite difficult…” + Replies to Jaewon and Oh Sangjin Comments Underneath~

So gorgeous ㅠㅠ! Shared before today’s Bigeast events. He tagged leon_korea! so this is probably from when TVXQ did their photoshoot for LEON? *_*




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#셀카 참 어렵다…

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Photo tags: changmin88, leon_korea, smtown and tvxq.official


taking a #selca is quite difficult…


Both of Shim Jaewon and Oh Sangjin whom Changmin follows left then comments on the post:

Oh Sangjin: I’m a fan.

Shim Jaewon: good-looking, very.

[cr: screen cap by @iruka0206]

and Changmin also replied to them after finishing today’s event 1st round ^^~


[cr: screen cap by @0206yhken]


Translations by @snxy:

Changmin’s reply to Oh Sangjin: I am envious of hyung-nim
Changmin’s reply to Shim Jaewon: no, more than that, come back..ㅋㅋ







changmin88: here,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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