[INFO/VID/DL] 180316 TVXQ’s for MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 to Air on 03/23 at 23:10 (KST)! Episode Preview is Out!!

TVXQ’s individual houses in Korea were revealed for the first time! So many fan gifts were recognised as well, displayed by our boys in their living rooms ^^*

The preview showed the fascinating difference in their life styles, also some elements of their TVXQ identity shining through Yunho’s energetic dance morning practice in his living room or Changmin’s wearing Begin Again t-shirt, as he often does before with different TVXQ merchandises~

Fans are talking about interesting details such as Yunho displaying the 2012 ken doll award and Changmin displaying a small print of one of his sky pictures,! and too many things for us to cover here from this short clip!

Let’s wait patiently for the broadcast > w <


News Highlight:

  • The very first preview of TVXQ on I Live Alone (airs 3/23 at 11.10PM)
  • The first sneak into the daily lives of the returned Hallyu emperors, TVXQ!
  • In the morning, Changmin who refreshingly greets it with his abs in the to Yunho who practices dance earnestly as “he has pride in the stage”
  • To Changmin who enjoys the comfort of drinking alone and Yunho who enjoys being with his friends. Daily lives which are 180deg different.

[cr: OSEN via naver, Translated by @snxy]




On naver: here

On Youtube:


[cr: MBCentertainment]


  • 180316 TVXQ for MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 Preview [ts; 105MB]: here or here

[cr: @enirtvxq: here]





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