[Trans] 180319 “If fans feel that they have received a present” TVXQ for LEON on their Comeback


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“If fans feel that they have received a present” TVXQ for LEON on their comeback

Men’s lifestyle magazine LEON has released their pictorial with TVXQ through their April issue.

With their 8th regular album release coming out soon, TVXQ’s pictorial for LEON this time, has also heightened fans’ anticipations even more. For their upcoming comeback, the two people have paid even more attention to their weight management and through this LEON pictorial their matured charisma and chic charms are given off to the fullest.

In the released cover pictorial, together with Italian luxury menswear brand “Ermenegildo Zegna”, TVXQ’s unchanging refined image is perfectly suited to their 2018 Spring.Summer look. With Ermenegildo Zegna’s clothes and sneakers, bag and so on, TVXQ is styled with the entire look; the luxuriously-chic material of the vintage brown-coloured mixed with the impressive-looking bomber jacket, added with denim; worn together with Z Zegna’s sporty navy knit and suit have given a glimpse at them who usually enjoy wearing luxurious casual looks. 

TVXQ’s high-class image has been heightened even more with the use of Zegna’s 2018 Spring. Summer new collection which is reminiscent of “luxury leisurewear”.

It is said that the matured attitude of the two people who have shown a perfect teamwork as befitting of Korea’s best group who have been working together for a long time of 15 years, together with their diverse expressions and poses, drew admiration from the staff who were at the (photoshoot) site.

That day, during the interview, on the question of what had changed as they entered their 30s:
U-Know Yunho said, “After I was discharged from the army, there were positive changes in many parts. I worked hard on things I had to do, and while enjoying the moment, I had the mind-set to have fun. As I had the time to know how to look at life, my perspective also became wider.
Additionally, Choikang Changmin said, “Although it is good to run ahead while looking intensely in front, I began to think that up to a point, to have my own time which is separated from work, is important as well. In the past, I was only satisfied if I had learnt the guitar or cooking to an excellent level, now I am enjoying the learning process itself,” reflecting an attitude to life that has matured even more.

On what the upcoming album and related behind stories there were as well, Choikang Changmin answered, “More than ever, we feel a lot of attachment to it as this was an album we had taken the lead on in every aspect. Up until now, of all the albums that we have released so far, I think this is the one that we had participated in the most. (It was an album that we) made, writing lyrics personally and discussing song themes or direction together with the staff.”
Continuing on, U-Know Yunho expressed his affection towards the album and his excitement over the comeback by adding, “While listening to our album, it would be good if fans would get the feeling of having received a present.”

You can see see more of TVXQ who have entered the countdown to their comeback, in the pictorials and interview in the April issue of LEON







Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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