[PIC] 180326 TVXQ! Spotted Outdoor Filming for KBS’s Guerrilla Date at Hongdae~




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A miracle has happened..
I appeared on Entertainment Relay..
I received fanservice from TVXQ..
Pls check the broadcast..
TVXQ is great.. my heart has disappeared..


[cr: s00_ming: here, Translated by @snxy]



it looked crazyㅜㅜ (we) had an interview with TVXQ on Entertainment Relayㅠㅠthey saw us and said we were cuteㅠㅠwon’t be getting sleep tonightㅠ ah still tremblingㅠ

[cr: sunyun_16: here, Translated by @snxy]




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as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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