[PIC/VID] 180623 TVXQ! Attended a Wedding and Changmin Sang “Can I Love You?” by Yurisangja~

TVXQ’s first public spotting together after Changmin’s Italy trip and Yunho’s reservist training was at the wedding of Kang Han Eol, the staff who edited Changmin’s military hair shave video [cr: via @MAXmingshun]! He was one of the people who bid Changmin (and Yunho) goodbye when Changmin enlisted~

The boys looked handsome dressed in suits, and it looks like Changmin performed “Can I Love You?” by Yurisangja at the wedding~ ^^

Below are some photos and videos shared by the guests!




[cr: lee_young6737: here, via @Shim_Ls2v2]


[cr: @PrinceLemona]




[cr: joannee928: here]





[cr: marskwon1: here]


[cr: @uncommon_yh]


Changmin getting styled at a beauty salon

[cr: 鸡装箱炸鸡: here]





[cr: chloe.kim2600: here]





[cr: eunjoo_violin: here]




[cr: hye_in_you: here]


[cr: @uncommon_yh]




as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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