[PIC/Trans] 151119 Different Celebrities, Staff and More Post their Goodbyes to Changmin~


Magazine Grazia Staff :





go and come back well #changmin-ah #don’t go #it’s like sending off my own son




  • Jungmin Cristine Hwang’s Instagram (cri1216):



do your military service well and we’ll meet after your cool comeback


[cr: Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2]





Super Junior’s Yesung’s Twitter (@shfly3424):



[tweet https://twitter.com/shfly3424/status/667180605658890240]


  • siwon ah, go and come back healthily


[cr: Translated by @snxy]



From Kyuline’s friend jb1730:





for you two, i hope your friendship will go on forever




fighting, our younger brother ~♡





[Trans of Chat Texts]

  • jb1730: Go and come back well, Changmin-ah~
    I’ will always support you ~♡
  • Changmin: yep..ㅠ I will go and come back well hyung-nim ^^
  • jb1730: (Power Up emoticon) yep.. fighting~♡



[cr: Translated by @snxy: 1, 2 and 3]


Changmin’s SMS to the SM Concert staff Kang Han Eol (Instagram: eol_kang) who edited Changmin’s Shaving video for him yesterday:


Embedded image permalink




Embedded image permalink




  • Blue (Eol): … Go and come back healthily, my firend
  • Changmin: Han Eol-ah, thank you…^^ anyhow to have a friend like you amongst the staff; overtime I see you, I am really happyㅋ. Even though it’s a tough company and a lot of work may be hard, enjoy your work healthily!!^^ When I am discharged, you have to shoot my first video ㅋㅋ^^ Thank you, Han Eol-ah! I’ll go and come back ^___^
  • Blue (Eol): Go and come back well!! and be healthy!! wherever you are, whatever you do, you are the best, Changmin!


Go and come back well. It is such an honour for me to be friends with you. I also did the video of you cutting your hair before enlistment. after the next 2 years, after you, this guy, gets discharged, as you said, I’ll shoot the first video. Take care of yourself and come back well. the guy who is the best-looking amongst my friends, the siwon-sshi who called me “mysterious thief? han eol sshi” too, in the army, be healthy and come back well!! It looks like my 20s’ “Temporary farewell to my loved ones” has finished. Every, everyday will be empty ㅠㅠ

{t/n: The SM concert staff previously posted about TVXQ/Yunho before he enlisted as well}


[cr: via @UltraTVXQ, Translated by @snxy]





Support message from Shinseido (chain store in JP):



We will stay by the side of Tohoshinki from now on as well, so don’t worry and have a safe (enlistment)
We’ll wait as we look forward to your return, in a stronger manner
Shim Changmin, fighting!


[cr: @ssd_miyazaki, Translated by @joeylfy]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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