[VID/Trans] 180720 Tohoshinki on Music Station First Camera Talking about Summer Homework Before the Broadcast!

So cute > w <!!

Tohoshinki appearing on Music Station first camera before the broadcast to talk about their summer homework!

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Yunho: (runs, not noticing camera and stopped) that’s the camera.
Chami: it wasn’t seen before
Yunho: yes
Chami: yea so hello everyone,
YH+CM: we’re Tohoshinki.
Yunho: actually, today is the first day of summer break.
Chami: apparently the summer break is starting, but the homework is piling up too. How was your summer break homework back then?
Yunho: as for me, I planned to do them all from the first day
Chami: yes
Yunho: eventually I did them all when it’s nearly the end.😂
Chami: I was like that too btw. The worst one was the diary, wasn’t it?
Yunho: aah.. it was troublesome.
Chami: we had to write diary from a week before school started until a month after.
Yunho: yes, it was that long.
Chami: we had to write it. So everyone, please write your diaries.
Yunho: starting from now too, Tohoshinki will appear, please cheer for us!






Translated by @clefaire,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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